Your Daily Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

Learn how you can make a difference every day.

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Winter Theme: Resources

You can make a difference...

Sometimes we need to hear it from a colleague or friend why Recycling is Important.  Here's why Darla's recycles and why she thinks it is important:

Why I Recycle.

"I am one person who has been temporarily placed on this beautiful amazing planet. I want my imprint on this earth to be the children I leave behind and not the amount of trash I put in a landfill or the number of trees I kill. I recycle not only to save the beauty and natural resources of our land for my children, but so my children learn to recycle to save these resources for their children. You can teach your children all the necessary skills to succeed in life but if they do not have clean water to drink and fresh air to breath…what is the use? I recycle so that when I leave this Earth, I know I did my part to ensure that my great grand."

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Your daily actions speak louder than words.

How you can make a difference every day

In this column we will explore more topics, people, ideas and projects related to sustainability during 2015 – 2016.

Recyclemania 2015

Just a couple of weeks to go! Recyclemania 2015 is coming to a close.

We are in Week 6 of our annual eight week RecycleMania competition. Clean out those files, clear those shelves -- be sure you are doing your part to Recycle as much as possible before the end of next week.

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