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Winter Theme: Resources

Learn all about Recycling—Take the Tour of the Rumpke Dayton Material Recovery Facility

Of course we think everyone should see the Rumpke Recycling Facility just because it is a good learning experience.  If you can take the tour in person, check out the videos and information on the Rumpke website. 

Check out the photo gallery of the tour→

A couple of weeks ago, Hunt Brown and I accompanied the rest of the SOCHE Sustainability Committee to see where our campus recycling is processed and how the operation works.  Amazing – see the picture slide show.  It is not pretty but there not much about trash or litter or the initial processing of material recycling that is attractive.  What is sexy is the final products from the RRF that are reclaimed and reused for new products.  That is so much more appealing and productive than using more oil to produce new plastics or more trees to create new paper.  And there is no need to do that anyway because we know there are better ways—Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Use it up!

For the accountancy folks, let’s talk Life Cycle Cost Analysis and when in factors like subsides to the oil and timber industry vs. true costs.  For the rest of us that means you take into account the costs to the environment and marketplace like explorations, drilling, logging, transportation, refining, processing, packaging, disposal of wastes, marketing, storage and distribution and more – what is called “cradle to cradle” costs.  Impacts on soils, water, and air also need to be factored in the equation because of degradation/loss of habitat and health issues.)

If you or your group want to take the tour just send me an email and I will start the process. 

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Your daily actions speak louder than words.

How you can make a difference every day

In this column we will explore more topics, people, ideas and projects related to sustainability during 2015 – 2016.

Recyclemania 2015

Just a couple of weeks to go! Recyclemania 2015 is coming to a close.

We are in Week 6 of our annual eight week RecycleMania competition. Clean out those files, clear those shelves -- be sure you are doing your part to Recycle as much as possible before the end of next week.

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