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You can make a difference...

Welcome 2012!

As you return to campus this for the start of Fall Semester 2012, be sure you look around for what’s new on campus. Did you see the 50 new Recycling (and waste) Containers on campus? We are hoping you will seek them out and use them, each and everyday. Backstory: During 2011-12, Student Government did a Litter Survey on campus and they were not pleased with the amount of trash laying around on the ground and in parking lots. They garnered support from the Provost and gathered a group of campus leaders to secure more containers. It happened!

Look around as you come on to campus and as you walk from class to class, find the waste/recycle containers and Reach Right to Recycle! Some of the previous containers have been repurposed so also look for the green Recycle labels and Reach Right to Recycle!

Just about everything (except food contaminated cheesy, greasy, that “yucked up” stuff) can be recycled—paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, metals—it can all go into Recycle. Better to recycle so we save those mounds of trash and costs of sending waste to landfill space. Why not recycle, eh?

So remember, Reach Right to Recycle! We are a Green Campus, in so many ways.

Get involved, let us know what other Green Initiatives you’d like to see on campus.

What can be recycled—you’d be surprised!


Greene Countty→

Wright State→

Montgomery County Solid Waste District→

Do you McMRF? Montgomery County Municipal Recycling Facility is jammed full of great stuff. You never know what treasures you’ll find there—gallons of brand new paint, best sellers, reams of paper, huge rolls of butcher block paper, cabinets, sinks, 2 X 4’s, much of it unused or nearly new. They host special days for teachers. The WSU Arts Department has sent students there for years to find gems to work with for projects.

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Your daily actions speak louder than words.

Welcome Back to Campus!


WSU is Going Green, Green, Green for Spring 2014
Green with Recycling
Green with Energy Conservation and
Green with Safe, Green Labs

RecycleMania 2104 volunteers needed for events. Contact us at to help out.

There is a new competition that we will be taking part in this Spring, the Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN). Starting in late March, for three weeks, WSU will be monitoring and working hard to reduce use of electricity on campus. Watch for more information and learn one more way to reduce your Energy Footprint.

Alert! Recycle Man is back and there will be another Super Hero joining him to reward folks for being Green. Watch for them around campus and at WSU basketball games at the Nutter Center.

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