Your Daily Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

The Importance of Involvement

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We are on the cutting edge with our “making a difference” topics!

Just FYI...two of the topics covered in this column are articles in the recent edition of the foremost green building publication of the USGBC, GreenSource magazine.   

The July/August issue of Green Building magazine, the “Greening the Planet” feature article presents Green Manufacturers Examine Their Impacts, citing the journeys of industrial icons toward sustainability, including InterFace flooring’s Ray Anderson. 

In the same issue of GreenSource magazine, the “Rearview” commentary entitled appears, A National Strategic Imperative: From Containment to Sustainability by Col. Mark Mykleby and Capt. Wayne Porter. 

Both of these topics were the sources for previous columns in the Your daily actions speak louder than words—How you can make a difference every day section of Sustainability Website.

Near the top of the section it states that, “In this column we will explore more topics, people, ideas and projects related to sustainability during 2011 – 2012”. So, stay tuned for more up-to-date sustainability discussions and news and new thinking right here on your Sustainability link to the world.

College and life in general is more than just showing up, it is about getting in to it. Being involved and belonging, these are Keys to living a happy, productive life and fostering a sense of belonging to a group, a community.
Sustainability isn’t just a noun it also implies Action and being engaged in taking responsibility in our decisions, our actions and our behaviors.  It all fits together—Sustainability, sustainable behaviors, community engagement, making a commitment to go that one more important step.  Looking and taking the few more steps to unplug or turn off the light switch or to find the recycle bin around the corner rather than throwing a can on the ground or in the trash.  

It means seeking out ways to Get Involved with the Gang Green, the Environmental Action Group (EAG), (join via OrgSync) do good sustainable projects and have that good feeling of doing the right thing, learn and be involved in something larger than yourself. Make a plan to walk and bike more. Check out ZimRide and other public transportation options to get to campus to decrease our dependence on oil and clean up the air. Come out on Saturday, September 24 and join the Wright State University Adopt-A-Highway event. Participate, make a difference, be an agent for change!

Take a class and get involved with the Community Service Learning Program on campus. In the last few years Service Learning classes have gone to help in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina cleanup and Athens County to learn and help in Appalachia.  Closer to home, learn about efforts in the Wright StateCommunity with a campus clean up project or in the Wright State Woods on trail improvements or help tutor students in area schools. Other Service Learning students have gotten involved with community gardening projects and the WSU Food Pantry. Helping others to learn, live better, be healthier. 

Actions and sharing are at the heart of sustainability—looking out for Earth’s living organisms—human beings and other living creatures—thinking into our planet’s future and acting responsibly today for the benefit of and to protect their wellbeing.

See you at our Fall Fest table to sign up and for more information!

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Your daily actions speak louder than words.

How you can make a difference every day

In this column we will explore more topics, people, ideas and projects related to sustainability during 2015 – 2016.

Recyclemania 2015

Just a couple of weeks to go! Recyclemania 2015 is coming to a close.

We are in Week 6 of our annual eight week RecycleMania competition. Clean out those files, clear those shelves -- be sure you are doing your part to Recycle as much as possible before the end of next week.

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