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Winter Theme: Resources

Let’s Face it—It’s Winter in Dayton Ohio

Thank Heavens for Raider basketball and hot chocolate!

Winter Quarter at Wright State can certainly be cold and gloomy—the perfect time to do good things that will cheer you up.

There are many ways you can contribute to eliminating the gloom and help the environment by getting involved and making a difference—good for you, good for Wrtight State University and good for the Earth.

Check the Sustainability Website for news and ways you can get involved, conserve resources and be part of upcoming events like RecycleMania!

Wright State is engaged in an exciting 10-week contest with colleges and universities across the country. This is the annual RecycleMania Contest to see which school can collect the most recyclables (paper, glass, plastic and cans). Wright State has participated for the last 3 years and has increased its documented recycling every year.  For more information on RecycleMania, check out:

We want to continue to increase our recycling—both for the contest and for the environment!  The contest is an awareness-raising event. Look for recycling containers on campus and be sure to use them. And of course, once you are in the habit of pitching your recyclables into the GreenSpot bins, we hope you will keep on recycling.

Remember to put ONLY recyclable, nonfood contaminated items in recycling containers. Adding non-recyclables contaminates the container and everything in the container then becomes trash.

Looking forward, inward, back and beyond ourselves

As December comes to an end with the holiday season, it is time to take stock of the past year.  In review, what were the highlights of your 2010? What brought you joy? Made you laugh? What did you create? What left gave you a sense of accomplishment? 

Looking back as well as forward and inward also makes us think of reaching beyond ourselves. In asking and honestly answering questions like those above, we learn more about who we are and what we are capable of, as well as how we are measuring up to expression of the personal gifts that we all have within us to share. 

As the New Year begins, remember what brings you true happiness, helps you feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. Joy, sharing, happiness, reflection, memories and inspiration—all the spirit of this holiday season.  

It is very easy to become caught up in the ever-present hype of the holidays, but there is no need to go broke for the holidays, rather than run up your credit card balance, pause for a moment and examine the spirit of giving.

Simplify your gift giving with homemade gifts or beautiful handmade items and you’ll not only spend less and give more meaningful gifts, you’ll also save time and trips to shop to the mall.  There’s much to be said for simple things like homemade foods, a bird feeder, coupons for a car wash and wax, the list is only limited by your imagination (and maybe your abilities).

One "sharing and connecting" idea is a personalized photo album or life story that captures the big and everyday events in someone’s life or a genealogy search.  Rewarding for the person who makes it and very meaningful for the recipient.

Another way to think about simplicity is to examine our tech-heavy world filled with so many electric gadgets and gizmos. In to simplify our lives and reconnect with what Really matters most—our sense of belonging to a community and our relationships with others.

Think long-term Happiness and Sustainability—And may you discover Joy and Peace.

Have a safe and happy Break!

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Your daily actions speak louder than words.

As the end of the Fall 2014 term approaches, let's take a look back and a glance forward.

The Campus Community Garden has been cleared now with the last of the potatoes dug up this week thanks to Joshua Monroe helping me. I then delivered 30 lbs. of red and Yukon gold potatoes to the Good Neighbor Food Pantry in Dayton.

The space that has been the Garden for the last three summers will be converted to a Pollinator Garden next spring and help to educate the campus community about pollinators, their role in nature and in our food supply and why we should protect them from chemical poisons and habitat loss.

Other recent events included the Montgomery County Food Summit on November 5th. Over 200 people from around the Miami Valley attended this conference to learn about Local Organic Food Production and to discuss how the Dayton area can further develop a Food Hub to increase the amount of food products grown and consumed right in our area.
Check out the photo shoot.

And as we move into Spring Term 2015, we need to get geared up for Recyclemania and the Campus Conservation Nationals coming up in January.

Have a Safe and Happy Break!

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