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The Student Union Atrium is an activity space available for use by WSU Students, Faculty/Staff and Off-Campus Groups. It is an open area in the Student Union and use is limited by the public access to the space. The Atrium has varying seating arrangements that can accommodate up to 300 attendees. These arrangements vary based on the number of attendees and other needs in the space. They include but are not limited to the following styles*: Banquet (after 5:00 p.m.), Information Fair, Pipe & Drape Booths (w/ advance notice), Reception and Theater. The Atrium is capable of supporting full A/V equipment orders (within the stated timelines) and full catering options. The Student Union Event Coordinator will provide a diagram of the Atrium for groups using the space to ensure proper room configuration.

Student Union Atrium Guidelines

The Student Union Atrium Guidelines are established to maximize student use of the space as well as establish parameters that allow Atrium events to be compatible with other events and guests in the Student Union.  Compliance with these guidelines will help preserve the continued use of this public space for student events.

Priority Use:

  • The Student Union Atrium is designated as a student lounge and student program space.

  • Reservations for the Atrium include the carpeted area only.  The Recreation Commons (Table games and TV Lounge) is typically open for general patron use; however, special permission may be obtained from the Office of Campus Recreation to reserve that space. 

  • Only student organizations may reserve the space for student events during the Fall, Winter and Spring academic quarters.

  • Reservation of this space is also dependent on the compatibility of the event with other meetings and events previously scheduled in the Student Union.

Community Standards:

  • Since the Student Union is a public building, events held in this space must be conducive to a public audience.  The building is utilized by a variety of constituents beyond the University community including University guests of all ages. 

  • All events scheduled in the Atrium will abide by all community standards.  This includes, but is not limited to, the University Diversity statement, Student Handbook, the Student Code of Conduct and all local, state and federal laws.  All events must be in compliance with the Event Policy.

  • Performances, displays or use of language which are not appropriate for all users of the facility will be scheduled in facilities other than the Atrium.

  • If a violation of these standards or any other University policy occurs during an event, the planners will be notified immediately to correct the problem or at the discretion of the facility manager or professional staff member in charge, cancel the event.

Sound Level: 

  • The facility manager will meet with the on-site planners to determine the permitted sound level prior to the beginning of the event.  The facility manager may also determine where the sound is to be set up and which direction the sound will be projected based on other events in the facility.

  • Because of the open nature of the atrium, amplified sound can easily carry over to administrative offices, retail operations and meeting spaces within the Student Union.  Sound levels will be set at predetermined decibel levels by the facility manager for those participating in the event on the lower level. 

  • The decibel level will be set so that the noise level will be contained within the lower level of the atrium space.  The sound will be set at a level that will insure no disruptions will occur of events taking place in meeting rooms 103-107 and beyond the double set of doors by the men’s restroom on the upper level.  The sound must also be conducive to guest communication at the recreation center operating desk. Only the facility manager has the authority to adjust the sound levels for the event.  If event planners adjust the sound, they will be asked to discontinue their event.

Time of Events:

  • The Atrium may be scheduled for student events when the facility is open.

  • Events held in the atrium will be free and open to the public with the exception of late night activities held after 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

  • Student organizations may sponsor evening events where there is a charge for participation on Friday and Saturday evenings.  There will be a predetermined set up and security arrangement for late night activities in accordance with the University’s event policy.


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