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About Student Legal Services  

We Are Here To Help You

The purpose of Student Legal Services, Inc. is to assist you in identifying and resolving your legal problems, so you may benefit from your educational opportunities at WSU.
If a legal problem threatens to interfere with your effectiveness as a student, Student Legal Services, Inc. may aid in resolving or minimizing that legal complication.

Our Goal
Our Goal is to provide prompt, efficient and high quality legal assistance for you. Proper attention to any legal matter—even if you may not believe it is serious—will often prevent more complex legal difficulties.

What we offer
SLS, Inc. offers educational services through:
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • lectures, and
  • brochures (available in our office and online)

Our Mission

We Are Here For You
A staff of attorneys and other legal personnel are available to render legal services to you if you have paid the student legal fee.

If the type or complexity of your problem exceeds the scope or capabilities of the program, you may be referred for additional services, at your expense, to attorneys in the community.

Categories of Services

Our services consist of court representation, personal advising sessions, and a variety of educational law programs:

In most misdemeanor cases, our attorneys will defend you in any municipal court located in Montgomery and Greene Counties in Ohio. The attorney may extend this representation outside of Montgomery and Greene Counties at their discretion. Representation includes professional preparation and presentation of your case. Competent representation ensures that the merits of your case are weighed on a balanced scale of justice.


Student Legal Services, Inc. attorneys are available five days a week to discuss legal issues with you. Our attorneys offer professional advice and consultation in a wide variety of areas of law, particularly student-related matters. Readily available legal advice may help solve your legal problem before it becomes a complicated burden.

As a non-profit educational corporation, Student Legal Services, Inc. strives for a legally educated and more aware student community. To this end, our attorneys conduct various lectures, workshops, and seminars each year. Moreover, a variety of publications are available in the Student Legal Services, Inc. office to aid you in your understanding of the law. By informing you of your rights and responsibilities as a citizen, these programs help you avoid legal problems. Preventing legal problems through education remains our primary goal.
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