Code of Conduct

Section X - Health and Wellness Conference

The director or designee may require a student to participate in a Health and Wellness Conference when an alleged violation of the Code of Student Conduct has occurred (either A or B violations) in which the student demonstrates evidence of a physical and/or emotional condition which may preclude an effective resolution of the situation through the conduct process. Any student who participates in a Health and Wellness Conference is entitled to the same rights and has the same responsibilities as any other student who participates in any other conduct conference, hearing or appeal (See Section VII Student Rights for more information).

Once a determination is made to refer the student to a Health and Wellness Conference, the student will meet with a professional staff member from the Division of Student Affairs who will serve as a conduct officer and a mental health consultant from Counseling and Wellness Services. This conference shall take place at the first available time after the student has received notice that a Health and Wellness Conference is necessary.

If, during the conference, it is determined that the student accepts responsibility or is found responsible for the violation(s), the conduct officer, in collaboration with the mental health consultant will determine an appropriate intervention/sanction(s). The conduct officer may impose any sanction provided for in this code. A student found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct as a result of a Health and Wellness Conference may appeal the decision to the director or designee. (See Section XI Appeals for more information)

In the event that a determination is made that a student should not remain in school and/or in campus housing, there will be no academic penalty for the term in which the student is enrolled and a full refund of all tuition and fees will be provided. Any student separated from school, in accordance with this policy, will be advised in writing of the procedure for applying for readmission to Wright State University.

Application for readmission after withdrawal due to a health and wellness conference will require a formal letter of request for readmission to the director or designee accompanied by a written treatment evaluation from either a mental health consultant from Counseling and Wellness Services at Wright State University or a previously agreed upon mental health professional. The decision to readmit a student will be determined by the director or designee in collaboration with a mental health consultant from the Counseling and Wellness Services. The director or designee is responsible for monitoring the completion of all sanctions imposed.

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