These are just a few of our programs.

MEETINGS:  We have our Rainbow Alliance meetings every Wednesday from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. in E157 Student Union. Our meetings vary from week to week but always include notification and planning of events coming up that help us and the organization. They may include a social activity, a discussion, a panel presentation, a guest speaker, etc. These meetings also help build community and friendship.

PANELS:  Part of our goal under education is to inform others of our individual stories and views as GLBTQA individuals.  Each person’s life story is unique and we would like to make our panels as diverse as our GLBT community. We have panel trainings to become a panel member. If you are interested in becoming a panel member or having a panel come and speak please contact Susan Vance at for more information.

DRAG SHOW:  Every spring we hold our annual drag show to raise money for the AIDS Resource Center of Ohio. Women dress up as “drag kings” and men dress up as “drag queens” and perform a lip-synched routine to a song of their choosing. Anyone can perform at the drag show as no experience is required.

EQUALITY DINNER:  We also have an equality dinner every year sometime  in the winter. There is also usually a silent auction with wonderful items to bid on. The proceeds from the auction and ticket sales go to a local GLBTQA Organization in need of help.

COMING OUT WEEK:  There is a national day in October devoted to “coming out of the closet” where people will usually tell their family or friends or both, that they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. We have taken that one day and turned it into a whole week of events and activities devoted to celebrating “coming out” and being your true self. We will not out anyone or force anyone to "come out".

HATE CRIME AWARENESS WEEK:  This week (sometime in the Spring) is not a celebratory time for members of the GLBTQA community. Instead it is a somber, reflective, and heartfelt to be aware of the negative impact of hate crimes and remember the ones we lost as a result of those crimes. This is a very important time for members of the GLBTQA community to come together and stand against hatred.  To quote the famous Native American, Sitting Bull, who said, “As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but together we make a mighty fist.”