Minutes For SAA/PAT 09/16/2007

Members Present: Daniel Schlegel, Tiffany O’Sheal, Lauren Schaubhut, Andrea Green


-Greetings and Welcome

-Decision to make preferred contact list consisting of officers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers, to be used in case of emergency (i.e. not being able to attend a meeting)

-We are contracting setup and tear down/trash crews for Homecoming. Contact Viki Harness by September 21 by email at viki.harness@wright.edu or call me at 775-5566. Trash/clean up crew is needed for Block Party on Saturday, September 29. Setup crew and tear down/trash crew is needed for Friday, October 5. (2 separate crews).

If anyone is available to help during these times, please contact Danny Schlegel.  There is a possibility that, if we have volunteers, SAA would receive money in the general fund, which could be used to defray travel costs for field trips.


-Volunteer opportunities:

-SC&A looking for volunteers on Sun. Oct 7 from 4 until 5 to take people in small groups on tours of Duncarrick, a mansion of Katherine Kennedy Brown.  Contact Dawne if interested 775-2011 or dawne.dewey@wright.edu

-Midwest Conference on British Studies, at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Dayton 28-30 September.  Need volunteers for each of the shifts: 9-1 Friday, 1-5 Friday, 8-12 Saturday.  Two volunteers for each shift; we already have one person for the 1-5 Friday slot, so we just need one more then.  They can offer you free registration for the conference and a ticket to either the Friday reception (when Susan Kingsley Kent is the speaker) or Saturday luncheon (when Andrew Miller is the plenary speaker).  Contact Carol Herringer 937-775-3869

-The Office of Student Activities is in the process of planning its
second annual Dance Marathon (Raider-thon) and we need a team of
students to help make this happen! This would be a good opportunity
for you or your organization to be apart of one of the biggest events
on campus! Contact GaNene Edwards <edwards.72@wright.edu

-General Volunteer opportunity:

1. Call or visit The Office of Student Activities x5575 ask to
speak to GaNene OR by email Edwards.72@wright.edu
2. Fill out a volunteer application
3. We will check out a list of volunteer opportunities
4. You will choose one that you or your organization would like to do
5. I will contact the agency
6. Confirm a date
7. Take care of any paper work




-Indiana U. is hosting an SAA student conference on Saturday, February 9th.
According to the web site, it starts at 10 a.m.  Also, they are calling for people to submit/present papers; the deadline for submissions is Nov. 20.  This would be a great place to present a paper!


Future Meeting Times

SAA and PAT will continue to hold joint meetings, which will take place once per month.  The meetings will be held on Sunday evenings at 8pm, in the group study room of the library.

Next Meeting: Sunday, October 21

November Meeting: Sunday, November 11


Future Field Trips

SAA/PAT would like to plan a field trip to take place between fall and winter quarters.  This would be a one-day trip to a place within approximately a 2-hour driving radius.

Ideas raised at the meeting:

Henry Clay House – Lexington, KY

Cincinnati Museum CenterCincinnati, OH


Spring Break trip?

This would be a 3-4 day adventure.  We could possibly invite professors to come along.  Also, we would aim to plan it out so we can hopefully go behind the scenes at museums and archives.  This destination could be up to 6 hours away, or more if we really like your idea!

Please bring ideas for either field trip to the next meeting so we can make a decision and then begin to make plans.