Officers Meeting Minutes from 10-23-06


Present: Natalie, Collette, Garrett, Lisa, Beth & Dr. Vice



Account: $80-$90 left in account after sending check to Nationals



Website Report: is now up to date and running


Halloween Party:

 We have a table, Collette and Beth will go to party to pass out info about P.A.T.


*UPDATE* Apparently our co-sponsors didn’t have everything completely ironed out with this event.  The event was moved and we weren’t told and it doesn’t appear to have been well advertised.  Thanks to Beth for bringing goodies although she wasn’t able to find the event location and thanks to Collette for sticking it out once she finally found the room…despite the fact that hardly anyone showed up!  Next time, we’ll make sure the people we agree to co-sponsor an event with have more concrete plans…


Movie Night:

Sign up sheets, talk to professors


*UPDATE* This was cancelled



No new details but we will promote and have info


*UPDATE* Natalie set up a Holocaust/Kristallnacht informative display in the room where the event was held.  Apparently, it went very well.


Veterans Day Field Trip/Winter Field Trip: 

Garrett, Natalie and Collette gave info on possible places. No definite decision was made


*UPDATE*  We are planning a field trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center for Saturday, December 16.  More details will be emailed later, but we will probably meet in Lot $ on campus sometime in the early morning to carpool/caravan to the museum.


Friday Feb. 16th

Joint Trip with SAA


*UPDATE*  We will have more details soon.  We are looking into getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the Purdue Archives and we will spend the afternoon at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  The above date is tentative.



Fund Raisers:

Candy, cards for restaurants, t-shirt. Candy and cards were discussed. Still getting info on t-shirts.


*UPDATE*  It would be fairly easy to set up a fundraiser with a restaurant like Max and Erma’s for next quarter, we just need to choose a date and they will give us flyers to hand out to friends and family and 20% of profits from that day with go to PAT.


Other Activities:

Party at Dr. Vice’s house, Bowling Night, Night at the museum movie Chicago trip?


*UPDATE*  Night at the Museum comes out December 20th, maybe we can catch it next quarter at a regular theater or wait until it goes to the cheap seats and go as a group.


Still have no clue on P.A.T. box whereabouts (did show up later on)


*UPDATE*  We have the box back!  It is in the History Office at the moment.