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Induction Ceremony: May 20, 2007

On Sunday, May 20, 2007, the Rho Sigma Chapter inducted four new members at the ceremony. We also honored Dr. Edgar Melton and Dr. Nancy Garner as Professors of the Year, and we remembered Dr. Robert Sumser, who died this past year.

Below are some photos from the ceremony. To enlarge the image, click on the thumbnail.

Roses and candles

President Natalie Fritz
welcoming everyone

Garret Kremer-Wright
speaking about Professor of the Year Dr. Nancy Garner

Gabriel Trainer
speaking about Professor of the Year Dr. Edgar Melton

Dr. Melton
memorializing Dr. Sumser

The Six Ages of History: Dr. Sherman, Dr. Arbagi, Dr. Vice, Dr. Haas, Lisa Pasquinelli, Chris McIntosh

Roses and Constitution

The Four Inductees:
Aja Ash, Christina Geiman, Chris McIntosh, Lorrie Monteiro

Taking the Oath

Current and Former Officers:
Dr. Vice (advisor), Lisa Pasquinelli, Gabriel Trainer, Marlee Sheppard, Garret Kremer-Wright, Collette Hill, Natalie Fritz

Dr. Melton
and his certificate