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National Residence Hall Honorary National Residence Hall Honorary

About the National Residence Hall Honorary

What is the purpose of the NRHH?

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide recognition for those students living in residence halls who have given outstanding service to and who have provided important leadership in the advancement of the residence hall system at Wright State University. It shall also be the purpose of this organization to promote activities which encourage leadership qualities in residents and to provide recognition to Residence Life programs.

Who is in the NRHH?

The WSU Michael J. Coakley Chapter of NRHH is made up of the top one percent of the residence hall leaders. NRHH members consist of active students, community government presidents, hall government officers, and RCA officers. Also, it is not surprising to see that many our members are CAs. So, once inducted into NRHH, you can consider yourself a member of the top one percent of residence hall leaders!

How does a student become a member?

To become a member of the Michael J. Coakley chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, one must fill out the current application, which asks for a description of the applicant's service to the residence hall community. The current membership will then convene to discuss the applicant pool, and will choose those that have demonstrated extraordinary service to become members. Applications will go out when we have available, and if spaces are still available and at the discretion of the current membership, again in October. Total membership shall consist of no greater than 1% of the current on-campus population for active members, and as many inactive off-campus or alumni members as deemed necessary by the membership.

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