About the Association of Native American Students

AHNA Center

As a student organization, the Association of Native American Students (ANAS) adds to the diversity of Wright State University by supporting our members and other students through educational and social events, our meetings, and planned get-togethers.

We provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, apply classroom theories in an educational atmosphere and interact with the Native American and area communities through volunteer services. We make it possible for students to have fun while gaining experience and networks before joining the workforce.


  1. Expand public awareness and preserve Native American culture past and present.
  2. Provide social and academic support to Native American students and students of Native American descent at Wright State University.
  3. Sponsor guest lectures, movies, excursions, workshops, and direct participation in local Native American communities.
  4. Provide information in a supportive educational setting promoting academic growth, cultural awareness and fun.

ANAS Constitution » (PDF)

About the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center

AHNA Center

The Association of Native American Students is affiliated with the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center (AHNA) in 154 Millett.

The AHNA Center is a cultural center designed to support the academic, social, and cultural needs of Asian, Hispanic, and Native American students, faculty and staff at Wright State University.

It also serves as an informational resource center regarding the Asian, Hispanic, Native American experience and creates an appreciation and understanding of the diverse Asian, Hispanic, and Native American cultures represented within the community. The Center also plays a vital role in serving as a cultural liaison to the University and Dayton communities. Stop by for a visit!!