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Spinner and a Movie

Toyota Challenge Triathlon - September 24, 2006


Eric controls his pace on the long bike.

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Buck Creek Triathlon - August 27, 2006

Todd is not aero.

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Blake knows the drill.

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Erin catches her competition.

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Marie follows in hot pursuit.

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Todd is a little tired off of the bike.

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Blake closes his eyes and hopes that he's almost done.
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Erin is examining her race belt.

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Buckeye Lake Triathlon - July 16, 2006


Blake hammers away on the bike leg.

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Just a few more steps (miles) Blake!

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Caesar Creek Triathlon - July 09, 2006


Look out bikers, here comes Erin.

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Travis getting aero down the stretch.

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Maumee Bay Triathlon - June 18, 2006


Erin takes off on the bike.

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Deer Creek Triathlon - June 4, 2006

Erin closely inspects the buoy.

A few club members huddle together to discuss strategy.

Travis debates swimming in the cold water.

Why does Blake look like an outcast in this picture?

Todd and Chris are stoked for their 1st international tri of the year.

Erin and Marie put their game faces on.

Erin powers up the stairs.

Travis is focused on the bike.

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Todd is biking away.

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Erin is down in the drops.

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Marie heads straight into the wind.

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Blake is down in his aerobars.

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Todd prepares for the run in T2.

Todd...still in T2 as Blake screams at him to pick it up!

Erin hits the off-road section of the run.

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Marie looks strong coming off of the dam.

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Erin has no time to check out the scenery.

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Blake has time for a quick cheese for the camera.

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Marie seems excited as the finish line is just a few steps ahead.

Travis focuses on the last mile.

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Todd closes in on the finish.

Todd struggles to keep up his pace as the end draws near.

Real American Heroes

Travis checks out the scene...wonder what he's looking for?

Tri for Joe Triathlon - May 21, 2006

Multisport Christmas cards?

The MEN of Raider Multi prepare to swim.

Todd and Travis are not happy with the weather.

Travis is stripping down.

Todd and Travis line up for the swim.

Todd is finished with the swim and off to find his bike.

It's JOE!

Travis has a great swim, and now its time to warm up a little.

Travis is off and moving.

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Travis finishes the bike leg in a blur!

Todd powers around the turn.

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Eric looks good on the bike.

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Eric looks for his stuff in T2.


Todd finishes up his bike leg.


Eric's almost ready for the run.


Todd brings his bike into T2.

Eric is off and running.

Is Travis planning on wearing a helmet on the run?

Travis hits the finish line in stride.


Eric finishes with an awesome time.


Todd rounds the final corner after taking a wrong turn.


Flying Pig Marathon - May 7, 2006

Blake crossing the line

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Blake on the home stretch.
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Blake and a donut.

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Jen powering past the competition.

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Jen passing more people.

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Jen crossing the finish.

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Great run Jen!

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Jen is happy to be here.

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Todd crosses the finish.

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Todd runs toward the free food.

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Todd looks like he's in some pain.

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Thumbs up! Todd's exhausted.

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Another angle of Todd's finish.

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Country Music Marathon - April 28th

Tasha closes in on the finish.

Tasha is happy to be done.

Tasha is all smiles.

Tasha eases across the finish line.

Caesar's Creek Duathlon - April 23, 2006

Erin takes off on the bike leg.
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Todd down in his aero bars
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Marie seems to be off to a great start with Erin close behind
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Marie is all smiles...almost there!

Erin digs deep with 200m to go

No time to stop for a photo

Todd gets the 2nd run leg started
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Marie finishes strong


Erin is definitely glad to get her first race of the year out of the way

ORRRC Splash and Dash - February 12, 2006


Amanda rounds the final turn on an icy day

As she is crossing the finish line, Amanda decides it's time to move to Florida


Spinner and a Movie - January 29, 2006

A loving couple?

Everyone getting set up

Is that some sort of dance?

Maxing it out...too bad were still watching the previews

Pausing for a photo op

The stars of the show

It's taking a while to transform the spin room to a movie theater

These guys look like they know what they are doing...who let them in?


A view from the sky cam

Another great photo op

No shirt, no service

Sky cam number 2 with Photoshop?

Travis got a good workout in



Sometimes we wonder about these two

I wonder who's winning