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Service Projects


The NCSA looks for the following qualities when undertaking service projects:

  • To undertake a project in the spirit of Christian service and Gospel solidarity with all people
  • To make a real contribution by doing things that could not be done without our help
  • To utilize out skills and training
  • To collaborate with the local staff and residents
  • To be self-sufficient (paying our own way)
  • To promote our personal and community growth

Past Projects

Here are some of the major projects NCSA has held over the years.

  • Glenmary Farm, Vanceburg, Kentucky

    "This retreat-like immersion experience in Eastern Kentucky blends service, education, prayer, reflection and sharing in an environment of simple living. The Glenmary Farm grows people!" Our next group will be going to Kentucky from November 30th to December 6th, 2008.

  • Bosco Children's Home, Hatfield, Jamaica

    This orphanage operated by the Mercy Sisters is home to about 150 boys. The short-term goal is to feed, house and educate them. The long-term goal is to get them enough training that they can be self-sustaining, productive adults. They run a farm to raise chickens and pigs, operate a catering business where boys are trained as chefs (specializing in, of course chicken and pork!), and many are encouraged into the music industry where they can find work in the many tourist hotels and cruise lines.

    • Tenth Anniversary - December 1 - 16

    • December 2007

      On our ninth trip to Jamaica, we had another great experience with the "Bosco Boys." The bible students learned about God's heroes, and the musicians prepared some of the boys for a Christmas concert at the Cathedral. The sports team played a lot of soccer and tried to teach the boys about American football. The building crews had a great trip as well, repairing some of the damage from the summer's hurricane. And, Fr. Ed got to make his first trip to the island!

    • December 2006

      In the absence of our beloved Fr. Chris, the team vowed to make it a great year. Our choir boys gave us a special treat this year with the performance of the play "Jonah and the Whale." Bible camp and sports brought about the welcomed smiles from all the boys. The building team spent many of their days painting the pig pens, as well as the roof of the catering and dining hall. Finally, led by Sister Susan, we held a special prayer service, in memory of Fr. Chris, and the work he did in bringing God's love to the Bosco boys.

    • December 2005

      This year the Bosco Boys Choir performed at St. Paul of the Cross Cathedral at the Sunday morning Mass. The building crew helped with a brick house this year. As well, the playground was cleaned up and painted. Seats were made for the swingset and a new basketball hoop was added. Also, the Sister's of Mercy celebrated their 125th anniversary.

    • December 2004

      The building crew this year helped build 5 small houses for the relief effort after hurricane Ivan caused severe damage to the island. The boys all enjoyed their time with the music, sports, and VBS groups.

    • December 2003

      Two members of the Paul Lawrence Dunbar Chorale joined with two NCSA students to provide a program of Gospel music with the children that was performed in local Pentecostal churches. The children loved it and the churches were very hospitable. More soccer, VBS and building.

    • December 2002

      The giant effort this year was building houses in a mountainous area, which meant hauling all of the supplies like concrete and lumber up the mountain!!

    • December 2001

      This year the soccer clinic became a sports clinic where the children were introduced to football and basketball.

    • December 2000

      The play, VBS and soccer remained constant, but this year the builders worked with the bishop of Mandeville and Food for the Poor to construct 15 small houses in nearby communities.

    • December 1999

      Two WSU musical theater majors wrote and directed a Christmas play for the children to perform. It was used as a fundraising event for the orphanage. Another group did much needed repair and construction on the compound, including a new roof for the sizeable piggery. Two other groups ran a soccer clinic and a Vacation Bible School (VBS).

    • December 1998

      This was the beginning of our very successful working relationship between NCSA and the Mercy Sisters.

  • Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine

    • August 2002

      Three students travelled to study and work with students at Ukranian Catholic University. With the recent fall of Communism, they discussed human rights issues, observed rural area agriculture, visited two sheltered workshops for disabled, and two orphanages.

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