Katie Deedrick
Director, Student Support Services & CSA Advisor

Katie Deedrick serves as the Director of the Office of Student Support Services.  She is one of the key relationships between commuter students and Wright State University.  She also serves as the Advisor to the Commuter Student Association for the last few years as the organization is growing out of its infancy.

A key purpose of the Office of Student Support Services is to assist students in achieving their educational goals through a high quality, enhanced university experience. Student Support Services is responsible for facilitating students ’ interactions with the university, aiding in improving the quality of campus life, increasing student satisfaction, building strong relationships between students and the university, and offering advocacy and assistance in resolving students’ concerns. Through a network of key professionals across the university, prompt response and personal attention is provided to help students resolve their concerns in a welcoming and supportive environment. Student Support Services also serves as an advocate for the parents and families of Wright State students.

If you have any concerns, whether commuter related or school wide, the following information will get you in contact with her:
E-mail:  katie.deedrick@wright.edu
Phone:   937.775.3749
Office: 022 Student Union
Web:    www.wright.edu/students/studsupport/ 

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