Now when Jesus came into the parts of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, Who do men say that the Son of Man is?-Matthew 16:13

The Lord brought His disciples purposely to such a place with its clear atmosphere that their thought might be released...that He might reveal to them something new concerning Himself and the church, which are the pulse of His heavenly kingdom.

It is important for us to take a break from our busy schedules to spend time in another environment in order to cultivate our relationship with the Lord and each other. Twice a year, for the last several years, we have participated in conferences at a local camp. These conferences have been refreshing and inspiring both physically and spiritually.

During this time we enjoy meals, recreation, and fellowship. One such topic that we have covered in fellowship has been The Greatest Prophecy in the Bible which is that Christ will build His church. More recently we have covered the three stages of Christ's full ministry.

Concerning future conferences, contact us for more information.

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