• This is the location of LIFE, ANAS, and ASA in Millett Hall and works to serve students, faculty, and staff of all cultures. Visit the site for more info and stop by in Millett!
    • This WSU organization works to serve Latino students and educate people on the Latino culture and history. For more information, visit their website, linked above.
    • This WSU organization works to educate people about the Native American culture, history, and supports Native American students academically and socially. For more information, visit their website, linked above.
    • Visit this site for scholarship opportunities!
  • Midwest Asain American Student Union(MAASU)
    • This is a large conference in which Asian-Americans and those who are interested in the Asian culture attend as upcoming leaders. It is also an opportunity to meet successful Asian-Americans and network with other upcoming leaders. For more information, visit the website linked above.
  • Japanese American Citizens League(JACL)
    • This organization acts to serve all cultures, with a focus on the civil rights of Asian-Americans. How can this organization serve you? They hold national conferences in which student leaders have the opportunity to get involved. For more information, visit their website.
  • Orgsync
    • Keep ASA active! This site is used by WSU for organizations to relate information to members. Although ASA information is communicated utilizing this website and e-mail, we would appreciate if you would join our organization on Orgsync.

Does your organization have a cool website that you want to trade with us?
Send the website's link and name to our President, Brian, at, and we will put it on this page. Please put our link somewhere in your website in return.