About the Asian Student Association

The Asian Student Association (ASA), established in 1993, promotes awareness of Asian cultures and fosters the development of social and educational support for Asian American students at Wright State University.

Preserving the Asian tradition, ASA encourages superior scholarship and members' participation in community activities. The Asian Student Association also encourages friendship and mutual understanding among all people, regardless of national origin or ethnic heritage.

The purposes of ASA are:

  1. To broaden each member's horizon.
  2. To encourage pride in our various ethnic backgrounds and heritage.
  3. To increase awareness of Asian cultures in the WSU student body.
  4. To foster social interaction between Asian and non-Asian students.
  5. To provide a vehicle through which Asian students may provide support to one another.
  6. To voice issues of concern to the administration.
  7. Promote diversity at Wright State University.

ASA Constitution (PDF)

What is ASA?

Here are some quotes from previous ASA Officers and Members on what ASA is to them:

"ASA has made a big impact on my life here at Wright State. It's a place that has allowed me to make new friends from different Asian ethnic backgrounds through the wide variety of events and activities they host. Without ASA, I never would've met my life-long friends." - Linh Tang, former ASA President

"What I love most about ASA is their involvement with other members. ASA is a group that everyone and anyone can enjoy being involved in. ASA gives you a warm feeling of being at home. It is like a family feeling and everyone has love for everyone." - Najee Woods, former ASA Secretary

"Coming from a place where people aren't so friendly, being in ASA really made me feel welcome at Wright State, helped me make friends that always have my back, and opened up many windows of opportunity for my present and future. ASA is a great organization and I'm proud to be part of it." - Felicia Gooden, former ASA Webmaster

" I learnt professionalism, fairness, integrity, respect, trust, diversity, excellence, and teamwork from my experience in ASA. With these values I learned to be a leader with sense of purpose. The ASA group represents a group of adults that form a bond to help each person fare better in life" - Cliff Collins, former ASA member

Membership Information

Looking to join the coolest student organization at Wright State University? Look no further than the Asian Student Association!

Membership in ASA is open to ALL Wright State University undergraduate students. We hope you can take an active roll in ASA by attending meetings and participating in events. Those who attend at least two general meetings and/or events per quarter are eligible to vote and to run for Executive Board positions. Active members may also be invited to MAASU (Mid-West Asian American Student Union) Leadership Conference and Take Flight Leadership Retreat.

ASA encourages you to get involved with the Asian American community at WSU, make new friends, and take on leadership roles that you will find rewarding during your college experience.

To keep up with ASA's news and updates, join our mailing list by contacting our current secretary. You can also sign-up in the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center (AHNA) in 154 Millett.

About the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center

The Asian Student Association, the Latinos Involved in Further Education, and the Association of Native American Students are affiliated with the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center (AHNA) in 154 Millett.

The AHNA Center is a cultural center designed to support the academic, social, and cultural needs of Asian, Hispanic, and Native American students, faculty and staff at Wright State University.

It also serves as an informational resource center regarding the Asian, Hispanic, Native American experience and creates an appreciation and understanding of the diverse Asian, Hispanic, and Native American cultures represented within the community. The Center also plays a vital role in serving as a cultural liaison to the University and Dayton communities.

It is also the official hangout of ASA. Stop by for a visit!! Contact AHNA