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Post a Job

Step 1: Review all policies, procedures, information on this page and in other Campus Student Employment sections of the Career Services website.
Step 2: Complete a Position Description form, with appropriate wage rate from chart. Retain the Position Description in your office files.
Step 3: Request an On-Campus Student Employment supervisor account by emailing
Step 4: Monitor your email for confirmation of your account and how-to information.
Step 5: Post job opening(s) in Handshake. Log in using your email address via the Handshake Login Guide: Employer Login button

  • Submit only part-time student employment jobs conforming to policies and procedures.
  • A job must be posted for five working days before a hiring decision is made.
  • Job postings subject to review.
  • Hiring forms available in the On-Campus Student Employment section of the Career Services website
  • Students cannot begin working at a job until their paperwork is processed by Student Employment, 334 Student Union, during regular processing hours.

Pay Structure

Hiring supervisors are responsible for determining a fair and equitable position/job title rate of pay. For each position/job title, supervisors must complete a position description form (PDF) and use the criteria in the student employee job class/pay structure to determine the appropriate job class and rate of pay. The rate of pay is based on the job class within the pay structure and the position/job title, not the individual student.

    Multiple students in the same department, hired into the same position/job title, must have the same job class and rate of pay.

    Supervisors must maintain accurate and updated position description forms (PDF) within the unit files for audit purposes. Specific working position/job titles are often used for unit purposes. Specific working position/job titles must be listed the same on the job posting and on the student employment authorization form (PDF) for each student hired in the same position/job title.  

    A rate of pay change for an individual student must be associated with a position/job title change or an updated position description if the position responsibilities have significantly changed since the student was hired. Pay rate increases are not awarded based upon merit (good job performance) and/or the length of time a student works within a specific position/job title. If a student is assigned new and added responsibilities, the supervisor must document the changes on a new position description form (PDF) and maintain the documentation within the unit files. Please email position change information to with the following information:

    • Student initials (not full name of student)
    • Student UID
    • Existing position/job title and current rate of pay
    • New position/job title or title of the updated position, and updated position/job title rate of pay
    • Effective date – no earlier than the beginning of the next pay period or the beginning of any future pay period.

    Basic Level | Job Title: Basic Student Worker | Job Class: 1 | Pay Range: $8.55-$10.00

    • Minimal (if any) prior knowledge or training required
    • Training provided
    • Routine responsibilities
    • Follow well-defined policies and procedures
    • May have access to confidential information
    • Independent judgment is limited
    • Close and direct supervision

    Intermediate Level | Job Title: Intermediate Student Worker | Job Class: 2 | Pay Range: $10.01–$14

    • Prior relevant course and/or work experience required
    • Assignments require special knowledge or skills
    • Technical or research skills may be required
    • May have supervision responsibilities on a limited scope
    • May have access to confidential information
    • Some independent judgment
    • Moderate supervision provided
    • May required a significant amount of physical exertion, adverse hours, or working conditions

    Advanced Level | Job Title: Advanced Student Worker | Job Class: 3 | Pay Range: $14.01-$20

    • Requires specific and unique competitive job market skills
    • Completion of specific relevant courses and/or work experience required
    • Assignments require advanced knowledge, skills or abilities
    • Demonstrated ability to perform the job duties
    • May serve as a leader or trainer to student staff
    • May have access to confidential information
    • Independent judgment and decision-making; makes formal recommendations
    • Limited supervision provided; seeks guidance as necessary
    • Extensive problem solving skills

    Highly Specialized Level | Job Title: Highly Specialized Student Worker | Job Class: 4 | Pay Range: $20.01+

    • Reserved for highly specialized, technical, or scientific positions
    • Graduate student with earned bachelor's degree or 3rd- or 4th-year undergraduate student with significant equivalent experience with substantially relevant skills required
    • Completion of specific relevant courses and/or work experience required
    • Demonstrated ability to perform the job duties
    • May supervise projects and/or other student staff
    • Independent judgment; makes formal recommendations; uses high level decision-making
    • Performs complex data analysis and decision-making in design, experimentation, and construction
    • High levels of confidentiality
    • Interpretation of complex policies and procedures
    • Advanced written and oral communication skills
    • Supervision provided as needed

    How to Select a Student Employee

    All on-campus job postings in Handshake should direct students to contact your department directly to apply for the position. To review candidate qualifications, you may require candidates to complete the student employment application (PDF), the department’s own application, and/or submit a résumé.

    Does the position require a background check? Contact the Department of Human Resources; they recommend that you make a conditional offer until a background check is completed. If a conditional offer of employment is made, the student is not allowed to begin working until the background check is complete. Human Resources will receive the results of the background check and advise the hiring official on the pending offer.

    How to Hire Students

    Once you've selected a student employee and they've accepted the job offer, student must complete all their hiring paperwork and bring them to Career Services during regular processing hours.

    VERY IMPORTANT: It is a federal policy that a student employee can't begin working until a student employment hiring packet of required forms is processed and approved by student employment. A student employees' timesheet will not allow a student to record hours worked prior to the approved start date.

    To have an electronic time card available for the pay period, all hiring paperwork must be submitted to Student Employment before 4 p.m. on the second Monday of the pay period. Since timesheets are due on the Friday of the second week of the pay period, this deadline ensures that we have time to process everything and make sure electronic time sheets are available to submit by the payroll deadline.

    Need to hire multiple students? We can make special arrangements for a group processing session. Contact us at Career Services at (937) 775-2556.

    Hours for Student Employment Paperwork Processing

    Monday and Tuesday, between the hours of 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m.
    Location: 334 Student Union

    Supervisor Resources

    Find Your Approver Code

    To approve student time sheets, supervisors need to have an approver code. If this is your first time approving timesheets, you will need to contact Tony Whack in Human Resources to set up your code.

    To find your existing approver code:

    1. Open your WINGS Express account and proceed as you would when approving timesheets.
    2. Advance to the screen where you select the pay period.
    3. Below the header Department and Description, are items including a capital letter, a number, and your department name.
    4. The number is your approve code. For some, this number will match your organization number and for others, it will be a different and unique number, and some may be a combination of letters and numbers.