Career Services

Annual Student Employment Virtual Job Fair

July 15–July 24, 2020

The Student Employment Virtual Job Fair connects on-campus supervisors with Wright State students available and eligible to start work during the upcoming Fall semester.

For convenient, internet-based service search for Virtual Job Fair job postings in Handshake.

The Student Employment Virtual Job Fair is a time-limited event providing early access for supervisors and students planning their Fall Semester.

Other jobs are posted year-round in Career Services in Handshake, including off-campus Student Employment positions, internships, co-ops, and career opportunities.

Am I eligible?

Beginning with the first year at Wright State and continuing through graduate school, and meeting minimum enrollment requirements as specified in Student Employment Policies and Procedures, all students are eligible for on-campus employment paid through departmental funds, which Career Services calls Regular Student Employment.

Positions funded in part by Federal Work-Study Awards are available for students who meet minimum enrollment requirements, and who have been awarded and accepted Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package. These jobs are called Work-Study Student Employment.

How do I search, apply, and get hired?


  1. Learn about eligibility, how to apply for jobs, how to get paperwork processed, and policies while on-the-job.
  2. Log in to Handshake with your Campus Username and Password (like you do in WINGS).
  3. Inside Handshake, search for On-Campus jobs.
  4. Review the Application Instructions and Description for each job that interests you.
  5. Follow the Application Instructions found within the job posting. Employers judge your ability to follow directions by how well you follow the Application Instructions.
  6. The selection process may include interviews by phone or in person.
  7. When you are hired but before you begin working, you must first complete Student Employment paperwork processing.


  1. Want to participate? Review the Student Employment Hiring Process, in Policies and Procedures.
  2. When entering your job posting in Wright State University On-Campus Student Employment in Handshake, set the job post date for the first day of Virtual Job Fair, as specified by Student Employment.
  3. Student Employment Virtual Job Fair job postings will become visible to students beginning the first day of the Virtual Job Fair.
  4. Students review employment opportunities during the week of Virtual Job Fair.  They are coached to follow your application instructions, as described in the job posting.
  5. You review applications and select candidates for Fall Semester employment.
  6. When you have selected candidates for hire, work with each student to ensure the appropriate Student Employment forms are completed and signed. Find the forms in Policies and Procedures.
  7. Before a student begins working, send the students to Student Employment with their completed forms, for processing the paperwork. Students are not eligible to work until their paperwork has been processed.
  8. You have the opportunity to conduct training prior to the start of Fall Semester.

Questions? Contact Student Employment, or 937-775-2556.