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Remote Academic Support

For Tutoring Services, Math Learning Center, and University Writing Center

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Tutoring Services Appointment Scheduling

Tutoring Services works to provide support courses. Tutors and study coaches help students develop a deeper understanding of class material, and gain successful skills that can improve their overall GPA. Study Coaching is an excellent way to get personalized solutions to the challenges of in-person and remote courses.

  • Appointments will be arranged for 1 hour per week of tutoring or study coaching per course at no charge.
  • Individual or small group tutoring is available by appointment. 
  • Students can request and be matched for appointments with tutors and study coaches on staff throughout the term.  
  • Late cancellation and no-show fees of $30 per instance apply. 

Contact Tutoring Services at 937-775-5770 or wsututor@wright.edu.

Schedule an online appointment

Tutoring and study coaching can be requested using the Fall 2021 Tutoring Services Request formSign-up for Fall Semester 2021 will start on Book-it Day, August 27, at 9 a.m.

If you need to cancel a Tutoring Services appointment

  1. Email the Academic Success Centers at wsututor@wright.edu or call 937-775-5770.
  2. Email your tutor.

You can use one message to email wsututor@wright.edu and your tutor. Either way, you must contact Tutoring Services to cancel.

Math Learning Center Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an online appointment 

  1. Go to RAPs. Sign-in with your Wright State University account information.
  2. Select “Schedule Appointment”.
  3. Select “Academic Support”.
  4. Select “Online Math/Stat Course-Based Tutoring
  5. Pick A Date
  6. Select “Find Available Time”
  7. Select tutor or if you don't have a preference, then do not make any changes.
  8. Select the course that you would like to receive tutoring for. Click Next.
  9. Select an appointment time and day. Click Next.
  10. Review. Add any comments or reminders. Click “Schedule.”
  11. An email confirmation and meeting invite will be sent.

How to prepare for your online appointment

  1. Review instructions for Join A Teams Meeting .
  2. Checking-in/out of your appointment

If you need to cancel a Math Learning Center appointment

  1. Email the Math Learning Center at uc_mathlearningctr@wright.edu or call 937-775-2273.
  2. Email your tutor.

You can use one message to email uc_mathlearningctr@wright.edu and your tutor. Either way, you must contact the Math Learning Center to cancel.

University Writing Center Support

To request writing support from a writing coach, please complete the following form:

Writing Center Appointment Request Form

Writing Center remote sessions are offered in two ways: 1) through a video chat meeting in real-time in Microsoft Teams, and 2) through an email response system. All requests are given a 60-minute review appointment, so please consider limiting the length of your document. Your coach will review as much as they can in the 60-minute session, but we cannot guarantee they will be able to review the entire document, particularly for longer assignments. Additional/follow-up sessions can be scheduled.

While we will not write or edit your work for you, working with a writing coach can help you recognize the strengths and weaknesses in a piece of writing, organize your ideas, develop content, and learn how to properly integrate and cite information from sources.

We know that responding promptly is important to you so we will make every effort to respond within 24 hours, but we cannot guarantee a response in that timeframe. For both video chat sessions and email-based sessions, you will receive an email notifying you of the time of your appointment.  

  • If you request a video chat session, a writing coach will contact you at the time of your appointment. Your session will take place as a video conference in Microsoft Teams. More information will be provided in your appointment notification.
    • Please note that you can join the video meeting from any device, whether you’ve used Microsoft Teams in the past or not. More information can be found here: Joining a Teams Meeting
  • If you request an email-based session, A writing coach will review your request and attached document and provide written feedback. You can expect a response from writingctr@wright.edu, with comments on a Microsoft Word document attachment.
  • If you miss three video appointments, you will be removed from your schedule for the remainder of the term. However, you may still use the center on a walk-in basis for face-to-face appointments, or use our email-based option.

Please send any questions to writingctr@wright.edu.