General FAQs

What does Prescription Authority mean?
Prescriptive Authority means that in Ohio, Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe most medications to their clients. All Nurse Practitioners who prescribe medications work collaboratively with physician partners.

WSU Student Health Insurance FAQs

I have a specific question about coverage. Who should I contact?

You should contact Student Health Services staff members Nancy Caupp at (937) 775-2553 or Robert Fox at (937) 775-2331, or United Health Care Student Resources at (866) 782-4768.

Can I cancel the Student Insurance Plan coverage once it is in place?

Prior to the first day of classes for the semester of coverage you may request cancellation of coverage with a full refund of the premium which has been paid.

A student may accept or decline the student health insurance in their WINGS Express account up until the 100% refund cut off date. Please check the brochure for further details.

Students who leave school after the beginning of classes will have continuous coverage after 31 days of actively attending classes to the end of the period for which the premium was paid.

If you enter the armed forces of any country during a period of coverage, you will receive a refund of your unearned prorata premium if you request the refund in writing.

Can I request exemption from participation in the Student Insurance Plan because I have other health insurance coverage?

Yes. If you are a student, other than an international student or a student not living in campus housing, you can choose not to purchase Student Insurance Plan coverage whether or not you have other health insurance coverage.

Students living in campus housing are required to purchase the WSU Student Insurance Plan coverage or confirm existence of an equivalent coverage for themselves.

International students will be granted an exemption only if they have U.S.-based insurance coverage through the employer of a spouse or parent. This waiver must be obtained from the University Center for International Education office, 190E Student Union.

Am I required to use Student Health Services to receive benefits under the Student Insurance Plan?

The student should use the services of Student Health Services first where treatment will be administered or a referral issued.

Please refer to the policy brochure and review the referral requirement procedure.

How will healthcare providers know my insurance?

After creating a username and password at, you can print a card that you should carry and provide at the time of service.

Is there a maximum benefit payable under the Student Insurance Plan?

Benefits are paid on a Scheduled Benefit basis with no overall maximum dollar limit.

What benefits does the Student Insurance Plan pay if I or my insured dependent(s) have other insurance?

The Student Insurance Plan and other insurance companies will work together to coordinate benefits.  The sum of Student Insurance Plan benefits and benefits of other primary plan(s) will not exceed the Usual and Customary cost of the medical service.

Please refer to United Health Care at (866) 782-4768 for further details.

Can I receive benefits for treatment provided by any doctor or hospital?

All preventative care services must be provided by a Preferred Provider.

Are there medical expenses for which the Student Insurance Plan does not pay benefits?

Yes. The Plan brochure lists those items for which no Student Insurance Plan benefits are payable.  Please familiarize yourself with the exclusions and limitations of the Plan. 

What are the Student Insurance Plan benefits?

Benefits are detailed in the Student Insurance Plan brochure.

When does my coverage or coverage for my dependent(s) begin?

Coverage is effective on the Start Date of the semester when enrollment and payment of the Insurance Fee are completed by the Enrollment Deadline for that semester. Enrollment Deadline Dates and Start Dates are listed in the Student Insurance Plan brochure.

How am I charged for the premium for Student Insurance Plan coverage?

The semester premium for Student Insurance Plan coverage on a student only basis is assessed along with other fees billed to you. The charge is identified on your Billing Statement as "Student Health Insurance".

Can I enroll my dependents for coverage under the Student Insurance Plan?

Yes. You may enroll your dependents including a spouse, a child or children, and a qualified domestic partner by contacting the Student Health Services staff in 051 Student Union and paying the additional premium due for the dependent(s).

You may not insure your dependents unless you are also insured.

How do I enroll for Student Insurance Plan coverage?

If you are a student enrolled for six or more credit hours, you are automatically enrolled for student only coverage for the semester of registration unless you request not to be enrolled during the registration process. If you do not enroll for coverage at the time you register for classes, you may enroll through Wings Express.  Use the Required Acknowledgment link to enroll until the enrollment deadline. 

Am I eligible for Student Insurance Plan coverage?

You are eligible for Student Insurance Plan coverage if you are an undergraduate or graduate student registered for six or more semester credit hours, a student who participates in a cooperative education or other WSU-sponsored internship program, or a student who registers for classes at DAGSI (the Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute), including those enrolled through the Air Force Institute of Technology.

What is the Wright State University Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan?

The Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan (the Student Insurance Plan) provides benefits worldwide for covered health care expenses, a limited accidental death and dismemberment benefit, benefits for medical evacuation of an ill or injured patient to the nearest suitable hospital or the insured's home country for care, and benefits for return of an insured's body to the insured's home country when death occurs outside his/her home country.