Phone:  (937) 775-5508

The Student Government is an elected representative student assembly that officially acts and speaks on behalf of the student body. As designated by the Board of Trustees, the representative assembly is responsible to officially communicate the collective viewpoint of the student body with regard to any aspect of university policy or operation. The representative student assembly is responsible for appointing students to university committees and other decision making groups, recommending allocations of the student activities funds, representing student interests and serving as a conduit of information from the university to the student body Student Government consists of an elected assembly of 12 student senators and eight cabinet members. Additionally, Student Government has within its organization The House of Representatives (HOR).  The HOR is comprised of registered student clubs/organizations at WSU. The HOR assists student groups in program collaboration, allows student groups to apply for funding, reserve rooms, and/or use the student organization office space.

Additional student government information can be obtained in 029H Student Union or by calling (937) 775-5508.