Phone: (937) 775-2280

Tutoring Services strives to locate a tutor for any course offered at the university in which a student may be experiencing difficulty. Students can sign up for tutoring not only to improve their grade in a course, or to pass a course. When a tutor for a course is not available, Tutoring Services will recruit for the course or direct students to "help rooms" provided by various departments, where walk-in tutoring is available.

Freshman students (determined by credit hours) are eligible to receive an hour of free tutoring, every week, for each class they are enrolled.  Sophomores, juniors, seniors, transfer and graduate students can obtain tutoring for a fee of $5.00/hour which is billed to your bursar account at the end of the semester.

Supplemental Instruction

In addition, Tutoring Services provides information about the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program on campus.  SI sessions are offered in conjunction with selected courses.  SI sessions are held outside of class meetings and are free for students to attend.  Led by trained SI leaders, the SI sessions help students better understand course content through the use of small study groups.

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