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Campus Engagement Project


Campus Engagement Project FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the project.

Q: Why do we need this?

A: There are many reasons to support this project. Individual benefits are stress
reduction, health and wellness, socialization and academic success. Institutional
benefits include increased recruitment and retention

Q: Is the University on board?

A: According to the new university strategic plan:
“We will build a rich campus environment that enhances all aspects of
student life through a bold look at space and infrastructure. The flagship
effort of this project will explore construction of a stand-alone recreation
center emphasizing accessibility and student wellness and leveraging
health and wellness related campus partners. This infrastructure initiative
will also address student dining facilities, programming spaces, and places
for students to connect or unwind.”

Q: How will this affect academic mission?

A: This facility will enhance the academic mission at Wright State. It will allow
expanded teaching opportunities for Kinesiology and Health, as well as improving
academic performance for those students who participate in recreational

Q: Have studies been done to show a need for this?

A: The university conducted studies in 1998, 2002 and 2014-15 related to recreation
and student life spaces

Q: What is a student referendum and when will that take place

A: A referendum is basically a vote on a particular subject. In this case, the vote will
be to determine if the student body would agree to a fee to support a stand alone
recreation center and renovation of the Student Union (spaces vacated by
recreation). The vote would take place in early April

Q: What is process for the project?

A: A typical project included the following…

● Idea generation
● Feasibility study
● Program of requirements
● Identify funding
● Hire architect
● Schematic design
● Design development
● Construction bid documents
● Bid process
● Construction
● Select furniture, fixtures and equipment
● Occupy the building

Q: When will the project start, and when will it be open?

A: From the time a referendum is voted on and passed, the project will last
anywhere from 5-7 years.

Q: Where is money coming from?

A: The bulk of the money for this project will come from student fees and be
supplemented with capital dollars from the State of Ohio

Q: What are the costs? 

A: Cost will be determined by the size of the facility and what amenities are
included. A survey will be conducted in late January to help determine student
preferences and fee thresholds.

Q: What is included?

A: Details are still being finalized but you can expect to see gymnasiums, a fitness
center, group exercise studios, indoor track, climbing gym and swimming pool

Q: What replaces recreation space in SU?

A: This has not been determined at this point. The goal of the Student Union
renovation is to create more student engagement space that may include a
ballroom, theatre, student organization spaces and gathering spaces for students.

Q: Will it be accessible?

A: Accessibility is built into the fiber of Wright State University. Our goal for this
project is that this facility will be the most accessible recreation facility in the

Q: LEED certified building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)?

A: This will be considered during the design phase. There are many different levels
of a LEED certified building, each with different advantages and associated costs.

Q: Hours of operation?

A: Hours have not been determined at this point, however, we anticipate extended
evening and weekend hours to accommodate student schedules and provide
expanded programming opportunities.

Q: Where will it go?

A: The location is still to be determined. The goal is to make it convenient for
students in a location that is visible and accessible

Q: Who will have access to buy memberships?

A: Membership fees will be an important part of the operational budget. Students
will be able to access the facility for no additional fees. A fee structure will be
determined for all faculty, staff, retirees, family members, affiliates, alumni
association members, community members and guests.

Q: Will my family be able to use this?

A: There will be a fee for family members to use the facility

Q: How to get involved in helping this project?

A: Anyone interested in being involved with this project should contact a
members of Student Government

Q: Who's involved in project?

A: This project is being led by Student Government with support from Campus
Recreation, the Division of Student Affairs, Kinesiology and Health, Facilities
Management and others.