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Important Policies and Guidelines

12470--124.jpgThere are certain expectations for your conduct, compliance with written policies, and adherence to academic integrity as a Wright State Student. Listed below are the policies and procedures that govern our campus. These policies help ensure that all students are treated fairly and receive a quality experience. Please take the time to review the information and understand our expectations.




Student Code of Conduct

As part of its educational mission, Wright State University established the Code of Student Conduct and the student conduct system. The Code and related system serves to educate students as to their civic and social responsibilities as members of the campus community.  As well, it provides students with opportunities for service and leadership; to resolve disputes in a cooperative, educational, and non-adversarial manner; to facilitate informed participation in the conduct process; and to increase awareness of and respect for differences of culture, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, and ability.

Student Handbook


photo of students This 2015-2016 Student Handbook has been prepared by the Division of Student Affairs and put online by the WSU Web Team. The University reserves the right to update, revise, and promulgate these and other policies at any time. Final interpretation of these policies remains with the University. Every effort is made to keep this website updated.

Questions and concerns may be addressed to the Office of Student Support Services.

Last Revised December 22, 2015



Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Wright State University strives to create a respectful, safe, and non-threatening environment for its students. When an incident of sexual misconduct is reported, the university will provide a consistent, caring, and timely response.  This policy describes how the University investigates and responds to reports of student sexual misconduct. It also identifies prohibited behavior, and provides guidance and information on relevant university resources. In addition, University prevention efforts are noted. Reports involving alleged misconduct of university employees should be made with the Office of Affirmative Action Programs or Human Resources.

Wright State University urges those who believe they have been the victim of an act(s) of sexual misconduct to pursue all options available relative to resolving the matter.  This includes filing a police report, a student conduct report, and other options noted below.

A student who has questions, concerns, or needs assistance relative to this policy should contact the Office of Student Support Services by calling the 24/7 on-call cell phone at (937) 260-0167; or during normal business hours call (937) 775-3749.