President's Ambassadors

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President's Ambassadors serve as official representatives of Wright State University and the Office of the President at various Wright State presidential dinners, meetings, and events. President's Ambassadors also give guided tours and meet with community leaders, alumni, donors, and dignitaries.

President's Ambassadors are a group of premiere students who are committed to Wright State and play a vital role in the reputation of the University. President's Ambassadors are all employees of the Office of the President.

Meet the Ambassadors

Tazeen Ahmed

Tazeen Ahmed Profile PictureBiological Sciences

Eric Allen

14008_109.pngPolitical Science 

Abigail Backs

Abigail Backs Profile PhotoBiological Sciences

Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker Profile PhotoPolitical Science

Caitlyn Banis

Caitlyn Banis Profile PictureInternational & Comparative Politics (M.A.)

Oluebube Ezenagu

Olly Ezenagu Profile PictureNursing  

Zena Fadel

Zena Fadel Profile PictureMiddle Childhood Education

Austin Fitch

Austin Fitch Profile PictureHistory

Michayla Fuller

Michayla Fuller Profile PictureAccounting; Financial Management

Alex Henz

Alex Henz Profile PictureMechanical Engineering (M.S.E.)

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson Profile PictureFinance; Accounting

Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones Profile PicturePsychology

Jessica Kelbley

Student Affairs in Higher Education (M.Ed.) - Not pictured

Will Krueger

Will Kueger Profile PictureMechanical Engineering

Aliane Kubwimana

Aliane Kubwimana Profile PictureOrganizational Leadership; Pre-Med

Rachel Loos

Rachel Loos Profile PictureAccounting

Angelica Loyd

Angie Loyd Profile PictureInternational and Comparative Politics (M.A.)

Katie McGrath

14008_080.pngStudent Affairs in Higher Education (M.Ed.)

Kayla Muncie

Kayla Muncie Profile PictureSocial Science Education

Kelly Mutterspaw

Kelly Muterspaw Profile PictureBiomedical Engineering; Pre-Med

Courtney O'Connor

Student Affairs in Higher Education (M.Ed.)

Moner Ragas

Moner Ragas Profile PictureBiomedical Sciences (Ph.D.)

Cody Smith

Cody Smith Profile PicturePolitical Science

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Profile PicturePsychology

Ryan Staley

Ryan Staley Profile PictureOrganizational Leadership; Marketing

Sonal Supriya

Sonal Supriya Profile PictureFinance (M.B.A.)

Mamata Venkat

Mamata Venkat Profile PictureInternational Studies; Pre-Medical (Post-Baccalaureate Certification)

Cassie Wallwey

Cassie Wallwey Profile PictureBiomedical Engineering

Lukas Wenrick

Lukas Wenrick Profile PictureSocial Science Education  

Engaging the Ambassadors

President's Ambassadors are always interested in discovering new ways to assist the University.

If your department is having a large scale event and is looking for knowledgable, hard working students, do not hestitate to contact Austin Fitch at or (937) 775-2808 to find out how you can utilize Ambassadors at your event.

Become an Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming a member of President's Ambassadors, please fill out and return the application below to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in 350 University Hall.

The deadline to submit an application is Friday, March 24, 2017