Student Handbook

Use of University Services

Services and supplies available to student organizations, (at rates that may be lower than non-university vendors)

  1. printing and duplicating services
  2. dining services
  3. audio visual services
  4. office supplies
  5. transportation

Additionally, student organizations may purchase supplies from the Bookstore and Office Depot. Student organizations wishing to purchase supplies from the Bookstore at a discount should obtain a DPO form from the Office of Student Activities. This form, when properly endorsed, entitles the student organization to a 20 percent discount on all supplies (except calculators and textbooks) for use by the organization. Student organizations using other university services should obtain proper forms from the Office of Student Activities.

Student Union Audio Visual Services

Registered student organizations needing audio visual equipment and support for activities, meetings, and events must submit a request to Student Union Audio Visual Services, 186 Student Union for approval 72 hours in advance. Nominal fees and rates may apply.  Please refer to the Student Union Policy Manual on the "Forms and Downloads" page of the Student Union website for more information regarding Student Union Audio Visual Services’ policies, fees, and rates (

Mailing Organization Correspondence

All student organizations may make use of the campus mail system which carries correspondence within the university from department to department. There is a campus mail pick-up box in virtually every office. Additionally, the University Mailroom, located in the basement of Millett, has a drop slot for campus mail. Campus mail is generally processed for next day delivery.

No student organization other than subsidized student organizations may use the university's permit to mail out-going items at bulk rate.

Incoming mail for almost all student organizations is sent to the House of Representatives Office. If the student organization does not belong to House of Representatives, their mail will not be processed by the House of Representatives.

Updated 8/2007