Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally (LGBTQA) Affairs

All Gender Restrooms

All Gender Restrooms on Campus 

All Gender & Universal Access Restrooms & Locker rooms 

Wright State University has 3 All Gender Restrooms, 2 Universal Access Restrooms & 2 Universal Locker rooms:

  • Student Union – Universal Locker rooms, located in Recreation Center (2) – serves as a changing room with lockers, shower, and restroom 

         SU Universal Changing Room 1 .jpg SU Universal Changing room 2.jpg


  • Student Union- All-Gender Multi-Stall Restrooms (2) located near the Student Union Rathskeller and across from the Office of LGBTQA Affairs (Rowdy Room 011). 



  • Allyn Hall – Universal Access Restroom Near The Hangar next to the vending area

       Allyn Universal Restroom 1.jpg  Ally Universal Restroom 2.jpg


  • White Hall- All Gender Multi-Stall Restroom located on the 1st floor near the back of the building.