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All Gender Restrooms on Campus 

All Gender & Universal Access Restrooms & Locker rooms 

Wright State University RESTROOM ACCESS Statement

Wright State University strives to create and sustain a campus environment that supports and values all members of our community, including visitors.  One aspect of creating an inclusive environment is providing safe, accessible, and convenient restroom facilities.  Many people may experience difficulty, inconvenience, and a lack of safety when required to use gender-specific restrooms.  Parents with children of a different gender struggle to accompany them into a gender-specific restroom and the same holds true for others with attendants/caregivers of a different gender.  Additionally, transgender individuals may be subject to harassment or violence when using men’s- or women’s-specific restrooms.  Therefore, this statement has been developed to declare Wright State University’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive campus environment.


In keeping with the Wright State University’s policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression and following Title IX law and guidance, Wright State University allows individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their sex, gender identity and/or gender expression. Another way to put this is that we allow people to use the restroom facility they deem they need to use. In addition, to address restroom facility access issues not related to gender identity and/or gender expression such as parents and attendants/caregivers as described above, the University is committed to designating and maintaining a all gender restroom in as many of its buildings as reasonably feasible.  In some instances a designated all gender restroom may contain multiple stalls. 


For those who do not wish to utilize an All gender single stall or All Gender Multi-stall restroom there will be gendered restrooms located in every building to be used.


All Gender Restroom Expansion Project:

Wright State University's non-discrimination policy includes that as an institution we will invest the necessary time, finances, and collective talents of our faculty and staff to ensure that all students, regardless of their sex (including gender identity/expression) are valued. Therefore the Office of Equity & Inclusion is working to convert a set of gendered restrooms in every major building on campus to become All Gender Multi-stall/user restrooms. The first All Gender multi-stall restrooms were converted in January of 2016 in the Student Union located across from Student Union 011. In May of 2017 one gendered restroom was converted to an All Gender multi-stall restroom in White Hall. Here are some notes regarding the conversion of some gendered restrooms to be All Gender restrooms:

·       Conversion has been cost-effective

·       Only required us to change the signage outside of the restrooms

·       It will clearly be labeled where the gendered restrooms in the building are located.  

·       You do not have to use an All Gender Restroom there are multiple gendered restrooms available in every building on campus.  

·       All Gender Restrooms create a safer place for anyone to use a restroom regardless of their gender identity and/or gender expression.


We invite you to visit this All Gender Restroom FAQ for additional information:

All Gender Restroom & Locker Room Locations: 

Wright State University has 3 All Gender Restrooms, 2 Universal Access Restrooms & 2 Universal Locker rooms:

  • Student Union – Universal Locker rooms, located in Recreation Center (2) – serves as a changing room with lockers, shower, and restroom 

         SU Universal Changing Room 1 .jpg SU Universal Changing room 2.jpg


  • Student Union- All-Gender Multi-Stall Restrooms (2) located near the Student Union Rathskeller and across from the Office of LGBTQA Affairs (Rowdy Room 011). 



  • Allyn Hall – Universal Access Restroom Near The Hangar next to the vending area

       Allyn Universal Restroom 1.jpg  Ally Universal Restroom 2.jpg


  • White Hall- All Gender Multi-Stall Restroom located on the 1st floor near the back of the building.