Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center

The vision of the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center is to be a premier organization that contributes to the success of every individual we encounter in gaining a deeper awareness and appreciation of African American history and culture by providing excellent programs, services and experiences.


 A very warm welcome to the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center Community!

The beginning of a new academic year is always a special and exciting time on campus. There is a renewed sense of purpose and desire to get off to a great start.

This fall, as I begin my second year as Director of the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, I am proud to join an academic community that values knowledge, learning, intellectual achievement, and excellence. I firmly believe the Wright State University community strives to provide bridges to opportunity, investments in futures, and help to individuals to realize that dreams do have many colors.

The Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center is a place where students of all backgrounds convene to study, work, explore cultural competence issues, and have fun. We make special efforts to let new and returning students know that diversity, inclusion, and equity enhances the learning environment and enriches the campus community. We also strive to provide all of our students with opportunities for intellectual stimulation, social development, and interaction with diverse people, ideas, and experiences. Upon graduation, we want to make sure that Bolinga Center students are fully prepared to become creative citizens in a global society.

I invite you to use this website to learn more about our vision, mission, and some of the dynamic and supportive people who are deeply committed to your education and success. But even more, I want to hear about your experiences on campus and how I can help to enrich or enhance those experiences. Stop by the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center located in room 140 of Millett Hall. We are open for browsing resources, connecting you with community-based organizations, assisting you with planning events, guiding you to the resources you need to be successful, assisting you with tutoring and/or advising, or just relaxing. You can also reach me by email at or by telephone at (937) 775-5645.

Best wishes for a successful college experience.


Edward Twyman, Ed.D.

Director of the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center