Asian and Native American (ANA) Center


ANA Center Internships

The Asian and Native American Center, Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, and Women’s Center collaboratively support students’ endeavors in furthering their experience in diversity-related areas. Internship opportunities are available to students interested in obtaining practical experience. Please apply directly to the center of your interest.


  • Applicants must fill out and submit an Internship Application (no deadline).
  • There are no requirements placed on major fields of study, but applicants must be an upperclassmen enrolled at a higher education institution.
  • Applicants must call and schedule an appointment, with center of interest.


  • Practical, hands-on experience
  • Interactions with students
  • Participation and development in center events
  • Development of multicultural communication skills
  • Explore diverse cultures

How to Apply

Complete the Multicultural Centers' Internship Application (DOC) and submit to the appropriate center of interest.

Asian and Native American Center
(937) 775-2798

Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center
(937) 775-5645

Women’s Center
(937) 775-4524

External Internships