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Campus Recreation

Personal Training

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Want to get fit, strong and healthy? Our Rec Fit Personal Trainers are here to help! Our trainers have the skill and expertise to help you reach your fitness goals.

A Rec Fit Personal Trainer will provide:

  • A customized workout specific to your fitness level and goals
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Coaching on proper exercise technique
  • Advice on injury prevention and Recovery
  • Results!
Rowdy Does Personal Fitness
Fitness Testing with Rowdy

How to Get Started

  1. Personal training participants must be a member of the Student Union Fitness Center and possess a valid Wright1 Card.
  2. Download and complete a Personal Training Enrollment Packet. Packets are also available in the Student Union near the Rec Desk. 
  3. Please email or return your packet to Kara Donbrock at or 092D Student Union. 
  4. Once your enrollment form is processed, you will be contacted to set up your first session.

Personal Training Packages

Virtual Personal Training 

Number of Sessions  Cost
4 Sessions $40.00

6 Sessions

8 Sessions $75.00
10 Sessions $90.00
12 Sessions $105.00

In-Person Personal Training 

Number of Sessions Cost 

4 Sessions

6 Sessions $125.00
8 Sessions $165.00
10 Sessions $205.00
12 Sessions  $240.00