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Campus Recreation Intramural Sports program is a great way to stay in shape, relieve stress, and make new friends! So sign up for your favorite activity today on!

Some intramural sports will have a small team fee between $25–40 while most special events and tournaments will still be free! These fees will be used for the department to continue to offer diverse and fun programs. Please check the schedule of events. Intramural sports include men's, women's, co-recreational (CR), and Residence Hall team sports, as well as individual sports and one-day special event tournaments.

Top 10 Reasons to Play

10. Everyone gets to play
9.   Get involved on campus
8.   Try new things!
7.   Healthy competition
6.   Bragging rights
5.   Stress relief
4.   Stay in shape
3.   Meet new people
2.   Coveted IM T-shirt
1.   HAVE FUN!!!


Wright State's Campus Recreation will offer a variety of intramural activities throughout the year. These events will range from a season with playoffs, tournaments, or one night events! The cost to play intramurals ranges from $40* for large team officiated sports to free! Please visit our IMleagues Intramural Sports website to see our sports and fees. All team fees must be paid online and must be completed by the end of the night of the captains meeting.

*$10 late fee will be applied to those teams that pay after the registration deadline.

All intramural participants will be required to create an account on using their email address.

Create an IMleagues account

  1. Go to the IMLeagues website.
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" link.
  3. Enter your information, and use your school email address (, and submit.
  4. You will be sent a temporary password to your school email account - if you do not receive an email with your temporary password add to your list of contacts, go to the IMLeagues password reset and enter your email address to have your password re-sent to your email address.
  5. Log in to using your email address and temporary password. You will be prompted to change your password.
  6. After changing your password, the Wright State University school link should pop up. Click "Join School."

Sign up for an intramural sport

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the "Wright State University" link.
  3. The current sports should be displayed in the middle of the page. Click on the sport you wish to join.
  4. Choose the league you wish to play in (Men's Coed or Women's)
  5. You can also join the sport by:
    • Create a team (For team captains)
    • Joining a team
      • Finding the team and captain name on division page and requesting to join
      • Going to the captain's player card page, viewing his team, and requesting to join
      • Accepting a request from the captain to join his team
    • -OR-
    • Join as a free agent
  6. Once a team is created read and accept the waiver.
  7. Go to "UStore" and pay for your team
  8. Invite members to your team
  9. Registration assistance is also available at the Rec. desk (090 Student Union)