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Strategic Planning

Update on Strategic Plan Developments

A person writing on a pad of paper

Over the past several weeks, a group of senior-level strategic leaders has worked diligently on a draft of the strategic plan. This group includes President Cheryl B. Schrader; Provost Susan Edwards; Craig Woolley, chief information officer; Shari Mickey-Boggs, associate vice president and chief human resources officer; Greg Sample, chief real estate and facilities officer; Seth Bauguess, director of communications; and Larry Chan, chief legal counsel. David Bright, Mike Wiehe, Debbie Kimpton, and Nova Lasky have provided support.

The group has vetted about 45 projects that have been proposed during the planning process, with the goal of deciding which ideas the university will pursue. Projects will be organized in tiers to help the university determine short-term and long-term priorities.

Each project is considered based on the following criteria:

  • Potential of each proposal in light of our mission and vision
  • Priority and timing for implementing each proposal
  • Additional questions or issues that need to be addressed
  • Where the leadership for the proposal should reside in the university’s organizational structure
  • Proposed revisions in the titles or descriptions of each proposal
  • wrHow to position each proposal relative to other proposals

Based on feedback received from the planning process, we have identified The Wright State Experience as the centerpiece of our plan. Every aspect of our strategic plan will focus on this theme. We have again revised the mission, vision, and values statements, the strategy statement, and the statements for strategic goals. 

Bright, Wiehe, and Lasky have met with project coordinators and interested members from each of the 15 strategic initiative groups to convey recommendations of university leadership and finalize the proposals in the draft strategic plan. 

A draft of the strategic plan is expected to be presented at the Wright State Board of Trustees meeting on October 19.