Strategic Planning

About the Idea Marketplace

People have voted on different idea using stickers.

On July 13, the strategic planning mini-summit will kick off with an event called the "idea marketplace." This event is open to the public from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

The idea marketplace is an opportunity to see early-stage ideas that may become part of the university's strategic plan. The purpose is to explore and identify the best ideas for strategic project ideas.

For the last two months, 15 groups have been working on strategic themes. Each group has created an aspiration statement and objectives. In our most recent work, the groups have brainstormed lists of actions and project ideas. For the idea marketplace, they have identified a set of ideas they want to share with others for feedback. Each participant will receive a limited number of stickers that they can use to indicate the ideas they “buy in to” by affixing the stickers on displays.

The best way to participate is to come and join us for the live session. However, we will also provide a way to provide feedback about the project ideas through the strategic planning website. Groups will be able to receive your feedback and insights over the next week.

As you participate in the idea marketplace, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and share your perspectives. Remember that the most important aspect of this activity is to explore possibilities in rich detail. We want to pursue the actions that will make a significant difference for a bright future at Wright State University.