Following a recommendation from the University System of Ohio that calls for all Ohio public universities on the quarter system to strongly consider converting to a semester academic calendar, Wright State University's Faculty Senate has authorized an Exploratory Committee on the Transition from Quarters to Semester. This committee is being co-chaired by Faculty President Tom Sudkamp and Senior Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction Lillie Howard.

This committee, made up of faculty, staff, students, and administrators, is charged with identifying the tasks involved in a transition from quarters to semesters, producing a plan and timeline for completing the transition, and recommending possible semester calendars.

Following the submittal of the committee's report, the university will discuss the possible change to semesters with the AAUP-WSU and seek input from faculty, staff, and students. The final decision will be made by the Wright State University Board of Trustees. If a decision is made to move to semesters, we anticipate Fall 2012 to be the earliest possible date for the conversion.

Eight subcommittees of the exploratory committee have been created to focus on particular aspects of a calendar transition. They are: calendar, curriculum, academic advising, articulation and transfer, infrastructure and administrative policies, budget, technology, and communications.

As part of the planning process, we seek to ensure that a calendar conversion will not adversely affect either the time to graduation or the cost for students who entered Wright State on the quarter system, and that the transition to semesters would be workload neutral for faculty and staff.

All considerations accompanying a change of academic calendar will be guided by Wright State's own strategic plan and vision to transform the lives of our students. The process is viewed as an opportunity to create innovative curricula and provide flexible access to our programs to better serve our students and the community.

The recommendations will also be guided by the objectives and associated metrics defined in the University System of Ohio Strategic Plan for Higher Education.

Currently, there are four university members of the University System of Ohio on the quarter system: Ohio University, the University of Cincinnati, the Ohio State University, and Wright State University. The Ohio University Board of Trustees voted earlier this month to move to semesters effective Fall 2012, and the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees will vote next month. The Ohio State University is also considering moving to semesters as early as 2012.

This site will continually be updated to answer any questions you may have about this process. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your active participation in this important process.

Steven R. Angle

Thomas A. Sudkamp
President of the Faculty

Lillie P. Howard
Senior Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction