Excerpt from Dialogue, a newsletter for Wright State faculty and staff

As winter quarter comes to an end and we anxiously await the arrival of spring, I am reminded of new beginnings. After many cold, dreary days, I think it's time for all of us to focus on something positive.

On March 2, Wright State University's Faculty Senate voted to move from quarters to semesters in Fall 2012. This vote was the culmination of months of work by an Exploratory Committee on the Transition from Quarters to Semesters. My greatest appreciation goes to all of the faculty, staff, students, and administrators who served on the committee, along with co-chairs Tom Sudkamp and Lillie Howard.

Currently, there are only four members of the University System of Ohio still on the quarter system—Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, The Ohio State University, and Wright State University. Furthermore, 90 percent of the universities in the United States are on semesters. Converting from quarters to semesters will allow Wright State to operate on a calendar that is in alignment with other universities and will help us to facilitate collaborative academic programs, student transfers, and articulation.

Semesters offer several other advantages for students, faculty, and staff, including: more time for learning course material; opportunities for faculty to be more innovative in their teaching and curriculum; and more time for summer internships and jobs. Semesters will also allow graduating seniors to enter the job market earlier.

In today's economy we need to be as competitive as possible with other universities and give our students as many advantages as we can. Converting to semesters is one more step in this direction.

As we begin the process to move from quarters to semesters, we will remain committed to providing our students, faculty, and staff with the smoothest transition possible. Throughout this process, I encourage you to ask questions and to give us your feedback.

I welcome your input and appreciate your active participation as we make this important step forward in the future of our university.

David R. Hopkins