Dear Graduate Student,

I am sending this email for a couple of reasons.  The first is to introduce myself as the Director of Semester Conversion.  I have in my position since January 18, 2011; prior to my appointment I was the Chair of the WSU Department of Music since 1998.  I enjoy my new position and look at the conversion to semesters in fall, 2012 as a historic opportunity for the university. As virtually all areas of the university will be impacted, this conversion represents an opportunity to examine all facets of university process and, potentially and appropriately make changes that will affect the future of the university.  I am excited to be part of that process.

The second reason for the email is to alert you, as students in the Wright State University School of Graduate Studies to the conversion/transitional information for students on the WSU Semesters Website:

While much of this is directed at undergraduate students, parts are directed at all students.  In addition Dr. R. William Ayres, Assistant Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, has written a page specifically targeting graduate students.

While graduate students may not be as affected by the conversion as undergraduate students, I certainly do not want any of you to be negatively impacted. 

If there are issues or concerns that you have about this conversion, there is a contact/question link on the semesters webpage.

Herbert Dregalla
Director of Semester Conversion