Greetings from the Office of the Provost, and welcome back to Wright State University!

Academic year 2011-12 will be the last year in the Quarter System. Beginning in Fall 2012, Wright State University, along with Ohio State University, Ohio University, the University of Cincinnati, and several 2-year state universities, will move to the Semester System.

A lot is going on, and a good deal happened over the past summer. Although much has gone on "behind the scenes"; some very important systems are now ready for your use.

If you have not already seen it, please take a few minutes to look around at the Transitional Advising Page (TAP). TAP has a great deal of information for transition students. TAP can be found at:

In addition, I encourage you to attend one of the upcoming Semester Student Information Sessions. These will be held:

September 20, 2011; 1:00-2:30PM in the Student Union Atrium
September 28, 2011; 1:00-2:30PM in the Millett Hall Atrium

These sessions, organized by Student Government, are "drop-in" informal events. Academic advisors will be present, along with a number of others, who can answer questions about the conversion and help you with the process.

In the meanwhile, if you have questions about the Semester Conversion, there is a link at the bottom of TAP for you to send them in.

Thank you

Herbert Dregalla
Director of Semester Conversion
Wright State University