Graduation Planning Strategy

The Graduation Planning Strategy (GPS) is a system designed to assist undergraduate students in staying on track for graduation.

About the GPS

The GPS consists of Degree Paths, suggested curricular paths, listing one possible sequence of classes taken term-by-term from matriculation to graduation. Embedded into the Degree Paths are Success Markers. A Success Marker is a critical milestone, which, if not met, will potentially delay a student’s progress toward graduation. 

While not the only class sequence possible, the Degree Path has been established as a good way to progress in an appropriate fashion toward graduation. Students interested in alternate class sequences should discuss these sequences with their academic advisor.



GPS: Graduation Planning Strategy

Degree Path: Four-year sequence of courses, term-by-term, leading to graduation. For students matriculating in Fall 2011, the Degree Path will show one year in quarters and three years in semesters.

Success Markers: Critical milestones needing to be met at various points during a students time at Wright State University. Students not meeting Success Markers will be contacted by their advisors.

*Note: Degree paths for all other colleges will be available Fall 2012.

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