Good morning and greetings from the Office of the Provost,

It is now February and our conversion to semesters is coming closer.  I hope you have seen the posters around campus relative to the semester conversion, and have made an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Director.  As I have stated in previous emails, the Academic Advisor and Graduate Program Advisor are the main points of contact for all semester transition issues and questions.

This month, I would like to raise a couple of different points for your consideration.  I have made these before, but they become more critical as we near Fall 2012. 

For the next two academic terms (Spring 2012 and Summer 2012), as much as possible, plan to:

  1. arrange your schedule to allow for all course repeats before Fall 2012
  2. complete all course sequences before Fall 2012
  3. complete the General Education requirements, or at least complete sections within the General Education requirement.

While there are mechanisms in place to address the items above once we get to Fall 2012, it will be easier to take care of these prior to the conversion to semesters.

As always, if you have specific questions about the semester conversion and its impact on your curriculum, see your Academic Advisor, Graduate Program Director or submit your questions at the link at the bottom of the Semesters home page.

Herbert E. Dregalla, Jr., Ph.D.
Director of Semester Conversion