Fall 2012 Semester Changes

First Day Late Registration Fee (effective Monday, August 27, 2012)

To encourage attendance during the first week of classes and better manage course offerings, students who are not registered at the start of the first day of the semester will be charged a $100 late registration fee. A student who registers early, then drops classes and is not registered at the start of Day 1 will incur the late registration charge. There continues to be no charge for schedule adjustments through the posted drop/add period. Courses added after the census date, September 11, will carry an additional fee of $100/credit hr. Refer to the academic calendar for details for each semester: http://www.wright.edu/registrar/academic-calendars

Note: New first time students will not be charged the late registration fee.

Duplicate Course Checking

To provide equitable access to high-demand classes, students may enroll in only one section of a specific course (or lab). If you are currently enrolled in multiple sections of the same course, adjust your schedule to comply with this policy. Future attempts to enroll in two sections of the same course will prompt an error message and will prohibit you from adding the second course unless you obtain department approval.

There are special circumstances where it may be necessary to enroll in two sections of the same course, such as Special Topics, Thesis, Dissertation or seven week courses that may be repeated, such as KNH (formerly HPR) courses. For these cases, contact the academic department for approval.

Upcoming Deadlines

August 15 – Payment deadline for students registered before August 1 to avoid backed-out classes

August 24  - Deadline for in-person registration to avoid $100 late registration fee

August 26 – Deadline for online registration to avoid $100 late registration fee

August 27 – First Day of Classes (Monday before Labor Day)

August 31 – Deadline for in-person drop/add for 100% tuition refund (Students with holds must drop in-person)

September 3 – Last day for online drop/add for 100% tuition refund (Labor Day Holiday – University Closed)

September 10 – Last day to register/add classes without $100 per credit hour late registration fee (Required in-person if student has holds)

September 11 – Late registration fee of $100 per credit hour begins

September 11 – Last day to drop with 70% tuition refund


Office of the Registrar
E244 Student Union

(937) 775-5595