How to Create a MAP

New! A-MAP (Alternate-MAP) announced

Transition students now have two options to create a MAP (My Advising Plan).

The MAP is the official document, created by a student and approved by the academic advisor, which plots the curricular progress through graduation for transition students. The A-MAP document and process may be used in place of the electronic MAP process.

How to create an A-MAP (paper version)

  1. Begin with the DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) Semester Audit and the Course Schedule Planning Guide. The DARS Semester Audit is assigned by a student’s academic advisor. Students who are unsure of who their academic advisor is should contact the college advising office or visit: How to Find Your Advisor. The Course Schedule Planning Guides can be found at the Registrar's website.
  2. With your advisor, review the courses you have taken in quarters and determine when you would have graduated had the university remained in the quarter system.
  3. Using the DARS Semester Audit, determine what courses yet remain in semesters.
  4. Using the Course Schedule Planning Guide, determine when these courses will be offered.  
  5. List the remaining courses in the grid on page 2 of the Alternate-MAP form.  The graduation date should be in the same time frame as it would have been had the university remained on the quarter system.
  6. The academic advisor and student must sign and date on page 2 in order for the A-MAP to become official.
  7.  Copies should be retained by the student and the college advising office. 

Download  A-MAP Instructions and Form (PDF)

How to create an electronicMAP


Download MAP Instructions with Screenshots

  1. Meet with your academic advisor so your advisor can approve your semester DARS and show you how your quarter courses count toward semester requirements.
  2. Using the Quarter Course Planning Guide and the Course Equivalency Guide, plan courses which will fulfill semester requirements in the remaining quarters through Summer 2012.
  3. Enter the quarter courses you plan to take in the Course Cart function of your semester DARS. See WINGS Resource Center for instructions.
  4. Rerun the semester DARS, being certain to click the box to “Include Planned Courses.”
  5. Using the Semester Course Planning Guide, plan your remaining courses beginning Fall 2012 and enter them into DARS Course Cart.
  6. Rerun the semester DARS, being certain to click the box to “Include Planned Courses.” If you have planned the appropriate courses in the DARS Course Cart, your semester DARS should show complete in all categories.
  7. Return to the “View DARS” link in WINGS Express, and click “Submit as Potential MAP” next to the semester DARS that shows all semester requirements complete.
  8. An advisor will review your DARS and either accept it as submitted or reject it with feedback on required changes. If rejected, make the requested changes and submit the corrected MAP for approval.

What is a MAP?

An undergraduate student’s MAP will define his or her specific path that leads to the completion of his or her degree. (University College students should see their advisor to create a course plan to get into the college of their major. View the Special Notice to Students in University College.) Wright State University will provide course transition information, scheduling support, and academic advising for each student to create a MAP or course plan. The MAP will be jointly created and agreed upon by both the student and his or her assigned academic advisor.

Early Registration Notice

Construction of the “My Advising Plan” (MAP, or G-MAP) by students and its approval by the student’s advisor represents the official Wright State University process to ensure the items listed in the “Pledge to Students.” In order for this process to guarantee the Wright State Pledge, students MUST register during the early registration period. The construction and approval of a MAP or G-MAP does not in itself guarantee a seat in a needed class. While the university will endeavor to seat students registering during “open registration” or “late” registration, students registering during these periods are subject to the same limitations as were in place in the quarter system. Students are strongly encouraged to register at the earliest time allowed. Doing so will help ensure seats in needed classes.

In order to assist transition students through the semester conversion process, the college will provide an assigned advisor so that each student can develop a MAP that includes quarter courses and their equivalent semester courses, and defines an equivalent timeline for graduation and degree completion.

Collectively, students and advisors will review each individual student’s transcript and determine exactly what requirements have been fulfilled, and what classes yet remain for the student to complete the degree.


MAPS can be created in two different formats:
  1. An electronic format (MAP) that uses the Course Cart feature of the DARS degree audit.  
  2. An alternate "paper" (A-MAP) format where courses are entered on a paper grid. Download A-MAP Instructions and Form (PDF)
Either format is acceptable. Look at the instructions to see which you might prefer. Meet with your academic advisor for questions.

Students should carefully follow their MAP in order to be guaranteed the promises made to them under the Wright State University Pledge to Students (read the Pledge to Students). Once approved/finalized, the MAP cannot be changed. Because of this, it is important for the student to carefully consider requirements and discuss them with his or her advisor. When choosing classes at registration, the students should carefully check their MAP to ensure that they are choosing the classes needed to stay on track and in compliance with the approved MAP.

MAPs are available to create now! All MAPs must be approved by the last day of Spring Quarter 2012, June 2, 2012.

Start your MAP:

MAP Planning Worksheet (PDF)


Can I appeal decisions made under the MAP system if I think I’ve been unfairly delayed in graduating?

Yes, there is a process. Students with questions should meet with their academic advisors. In most cases, the academic advisor will be able to resolve any issues. If not, they can advise the student of the next step to take.

What if I calculate that I would have graduated at the end of Winter quarter under quarters, but my MAP says I will graduate at the end of Spring semester? Also what if I calculate that I would have graduated at the end of Fall Quarter, but my MAP says I will graduate at the end of Fall Semester.

Winter and Spring Quarters will be considered together as constituting the Spring Semester under the new calendar. In fact, because the Spring Semester will end earlier than the old Spring Quarter did (May vs. June), the end of the new Spring Semester will only be a few weeks after what would have been the end of Winter Quarter. This does not therefore constitute being forced to graduate “later” under the university’s Pledge to Students. In a similar fashion, graduating after Fall Quarter vs. Fall Semester are considered equivalent in regards to graduating at the same time.

What if I need to change my major after I’ve completed my MAP?

Wright State University advises students to change their major only after very careful consideration, and after meeting with an academic advisor to discuss the change. Majors can be changed, but a student only gets one chance to create a MAP—once submitted and approved, any subsequent change simply makes the MAP inoperative.  A student can continue to pursue a degree under the new major, but the university will no longer guarantee completion of the degree outlined in the MAP.

What if I choose to take a different elective than I listed in my approved MAP or wish to swap courses from one term to another?

If you choose to take a different elective than one you entered in your MAP, you should consult with your advisor to verify that the new choice is valid. Similarly, if you wish to swap courses from one term to another, you should check with your advisor to ensure the switch is appropriate and will not delay your graduation. Please be aware that deviating from your MAP will nullify your agreement with the university.

What if courses on my MAP are not offered when the Course Planning Guide says they will be?

The MAP represents an embodiment of the university’s Pledge to Students (Read the Pledge to Students).

If a student is forced off their MAP because a course is not offered when it was promised, it will be incumbent on the department and the university to find an equivalent course, or otherwise make arrangements to offer alternatives that will allow the student to graduate in the term designated in the MAP.

What do I do if the course I planned on my MAP via the Course Schedule Planning Guide is not offered?

Contact your Academic Advisor immediately.

Does my approved MAP impact when I can register for classes?

Students will need to register during the “Early Registration Period.” By doing so, they can better assure enrollment in needed classes. While Wright State University will do everything possible to enroll students who register after the Early Registration Period, the university cannot guarantee seats. The creation and approval of a MAP does not in and of itself guarantee a seat in needed classes. Students are encouraged to register at the earliest date available to them.

I am a University College student. Can I create a MAP?

An undergraduate student’s MAP will define his or her specific path that leads to the completion of his or her chosen degree. Because University College is a transitional unit, University College students will not create or finalize a MAP. University College students should see their advisor to create a course plan to get into the college of their major. For more information, please visit the Special Notice to Students in University College Students page. Download the Semester Quick Reference Guide for University College students.

When is the approved MAP due to my advisor?

MAPs will be available to create in Fall 2011. All MAPs must be approved by June 2, 2012, the last day of Spring Quarter 2012. University College students who will be accepted into their major by the end of Spring Quarter 2012 will be permitted to submit a MAP through August 17, 2012.