The G-MAP is the official document, created by a graduate student, approved by a program director, which plots the curricular progress toward graduation for transition graduate students. Follow the steps below to create your G-MAP.

  1. Begin with the program form, transcript, and Course Planning Guide.
    Program forms can be found under the appropriate college at the Graduate Programs page.
    The Course Planning Guide can be found at the Registrar's website.
  2. With your advisor, review the courses you have taken in quarters and estimate your graduation date, had the university remained under the quarter system.
  3. Use the side-by-side program form to determine what unfulfilled course requirements remain to be taken under the semester system.
  4. Use the Course Planning Guide to determine when the necessary courses will be offered.
  5. List the remaining courses in the grid on the G-MAP Form and Instructions. The graduation date should be in the same time frame as it would have been, had the university remained under the quarter system.
  6. The program director and student should sign and date the G-MAP.
  7. The program director should keep a copy. The student should keep a copy. One copy should be forwarded to the Graduate School.

Download the G-MAP Form and Instructions (PDF).