The Course Equivalency Table provides a side-by-side list of undergraduate quarter courses* and their semester equivalents. It identifies, on a course-by-course basis, how credits taken under quarters at Wright State will be applied to degree requirements under the new semester system.

Download the Course Equivalency Table (PDF).

Note: Many courses have a direct course-for-course equivalent. However, course sequences can vary. For example, two quarter courses may equal one semester course, or three quarter courses may equal two semester courses, etc. Courses may be listed multiple times in various combinations. Please check with your academic advisor if you have questions.

Also note that some courses have no quarter-semester equivalency. Courses in that category are not included in this listing.

The list is believed to be correct and current, but the accuracy and completeness of this data should be verified with your academic advisor. The list will be updated periodically. Check with your advisor or department if you have questions about course equivalencies.

Most importantly, work with your academic advisor to determine how courses taken on the quarter system and courses to be taken after we move to semesters will apply to your degree requirements.

*Note: Graduate Course Equivalents are available from Graduate Program Directors. Consult your Program Director about remaining courses to be completed for the degree when you meet to talk about your G-MAP.