Five classes (or 15 hours) per semester will be the new average

take_five_web.jpgIn the semester system, there are only two terms (Fall, Spring) during the normal academic year. In addition, most semester courses are on a 3-semester credit hour base. All bachelor’s degrees in semester format are at least 120 semester hours. (Associate degrees are at least 60 semester hours.)

To reach 120 semester hours in four years (eight semesters), a student, therefore, must take at least 15 semester credit hours (five “typical” classes) per semester.

15 x 8 = 120

To reach 60 semester hours in two years (four semesters) for an associate degree, a student must still take at least 15 semester credit hours (five “typical” classes) per semester.

15 x 4 = 60

Other items to keep in mind:

Meet with your advisor now to choose your Fall semester classes and create a plan to complete your degree.

The Fall 2012 class schedule is available now! View the Dynamic Course Schedule.

Fall 2012 Early Registration is going on now!

Fall semester is 15 weeks (14 weeks of classes plus one week of finals).

  • Aug. 27                First day of classes
  • Dec. 7                  Last day of classes
  • Dec. 10-15          Final exams
  • Dec. 15                Fall Commencement

Because you will be taking five classes per semester as opposed to four classes currently (in quarters), you will need to plan your weekly study times differently.

NOTE: Graduate degrees have different requirements. Graduate students should see their program director or contact the Graduate School.