In Fall 2012, Wright State University, along with The Ohio State University, The University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Clark State Community College, Sinclair Community College, and other 2-year Ohio state universities will be converting to the semester system.

Students beginning at Wright State before Fall 2012 will take some of their courses on the quarter system (terms of 10 weeks + 1 week of final exams) and some of their courses on the semester system (terms of 14 weeks + 1 week of final exams). Students having classes in both systems will be "transition students."

This website, the Semester Transition Advising Page (TAP), contains a variety of information, materials, and tools all designed to assist these students make the transition as smooth and as easy as possible. We have moved many materials to this site to have everything easy to find and accessible from one common location.

Please take a few minutes to explore all of these features. Additional semester-related information, including the Wright State Pledge to Students, can be found at the Semester transition homepage.

If you have any questions, please:

  1. Contact your academic advisor. If you need advisor contact information, please visit the How to Find Your Advisor page.
  2. If further questions remain, please contact the Semesters Communication Committee by completing an online form. Go to online form.

Wright State University is committed to assisting all transition students.