Wright State University R&D Centers

Primarily Basic and Applied Research

Center for Genomics Research (CGR) Gene expression, flow cytometry and genotyping

Center for Global Health Systems, Management, and Policy

Analysis and development of programs and systems of care; prevention of disease, disability, and lost quality of life

Center for Interventions, Treatment and Addictions Research (CITAR)

Substance abuse related services, academic research, and services research

Center for Nano-scale Multifunctional Materials

Aerospace devices & structures; alternative energy applications; thermal management; environmental & geological issues; biomedical devices; electronics

Comprehensive Neuroscience Center (CNC)

Neurological, developmental, cognitive, psychiatric, and trauma-induced nervous system disorders

Computational Design and Optimization Center

Aircraft structures, undersea weapons, and automotive components

Homeland Emergency Learning and Preparedness Center

Human population risk assessment, human access care and evacuation, dynamic medical systems, and healthcare systems recovery

Lifespan Health Research Center

Changes that occur in "normal" individuals throughout their life span

Semiconductor Research Center (SRC)

Research on semiconductor materials, in particular, GaN, ZnO, SiC, and GaAs

Primarily Applied Research and Development

daytaOhio: The Ohio Wright Center for Data Connects innovators, entrepreneurs and investors; accelerates commercialization of data intensive technologies

Kno.e.sis: Knowledge Enabled Information and Services Science

Focuses on realizing a knowledge society that utilizes semantics and services as key enablers

Wright State Research Institute [web page in development]

Expands WSU’s use-inspired and applied research portfolio

Center for Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA)

Conducts descriptive, exploratory and explanatory research in areas of urban social, physical, political, and economic policy and programs

Primarily Development and Economic Assistance

Center for Innovation Management Provides business research, analysis and planning assistance to companies and inventors in the Dayton region

Ohio Small Business Development Center

Provides ongoing consultation, educational, research, and informational services to existing small business owners and potential entrepreneurs

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